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  1. Eltoxicdog
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    I've got a miniature model ready, but I'd don't know the dimensions for it I'm trying to print it in a 28mm scale. I tried printing it and it came out way to small.

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  2. Sensaiku
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    You could check the model dimension when you first upload the model. Go to your model and click edit page
  3. 8_Perf
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    As I understand the concept, 28mm scale referred to the distance from a models ankles to it its eyes. Its also not used very much anymore. That said, from what I can gather, that size works out somewhere between 1/56 and 1/64 the size of an original. Figure out how big the figure is supposed to be "in real life", and scale it appropriatly either before uploading, or using the scale option in your models info page.