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    Hello everyone,
    My name is Jens, I am new to Shapeways and realizing the great possibilities here I had to become part of this community.
    There are so many beautiful pieces here that many of you have created, which are truly inspiring to say the least.

    I am first a painter and second a sculptor and third a musician. I have worked for the Warner Bros Studio's Scenic Art Department for 10 years and eventually quit to expand and start getting into sculpting. I am very fond of metal sculptures, however the old lost wax process is very expensive. Until I found 3D metal printing I wasn't able to turn my sculptures into metal.
    While Shapeways' metal prices are unusually high (there are other companies that are much more reasonable) they compensate that by offering almost any common material one can have a sculpture made of.
    The entire site and idea is great, backed by some powerful software!

    I am working on a little series of sculptures called "Where is my Teddy?"
    I sculpted the first 3 by hand in polymer clay until I found the 3D Printing Process. Since then I've been working and sculpting on the computer.

    Have a look at my "Where is my Teddy?" series and let me know if you like it.
    I will keep adding more pieces as time goes on.

    Happy to be here with all that great and inspiring work all you guys have put out so far.
    Thank you for making future reality.
    Jens (Yens)

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