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  1. Elerion
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    Hello creators!

    I found about 3D printing technology just recently, actually by accident while surfing the web.

    I was building a case for an electronics hobby project out of sheets of ABS plastic at the time, and when I saw what 3D printing can do, I was immediately in love with this technology.
    Immediately browsed for a good 3d printing service, and found Shapeways.

    I actually already designed and ordered the model I needed for the project out of WSF material, and it was really amazing. I got a few other ideas how to improve functionality of it, so I'm about to experiment with new models and different materials.

    I'm from Zagreb, Croatia, family man, tall, blond, with almost unnoticeable grays... :laughing:

    20 years ago I was actually very much into 3D animation, so 3D modelling is a not new to me. In 1995 (ish) my career went entirely in different direction, but I always remembered how fun it was creating in 3D.

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  2. pfeifferstylez
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    Welcome :)

    Hey, if you like WSF, you should give the "polished" variant a try. ;)
    They say "smooth like Mentos", but that's an understatement. Especially if you give it an additional coat of (clear) varnish.
  3. Elerion
    Elerion New Member

    I had my first model in WSF, and it was very nice. I liked the accuracy and firmness of the model. The roughness of the surface did not bother me much. (The only painful thing about WSF was a blinding whiteness of the model :laughing:)

    I would like to try Objet or MJM materials next.
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  4. Michon
    Michon Shapeways Employee CS Team

    Thanks for your positive feedback. I am glad to hear that you were happy with the model you received.

    If you have questions, put them on an e-mail and shoot them to service@shapeways.com

    Enjoy your model!