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  1. T1NB1OCK
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    Hi All

    Nice to meet you all here. My name is "Maker Blocker". I come from Hong Kong. I know this nick name maybe a little bit common in maker's community! :)
    I am very new to Shapeways! And 1 month ago I started to study, play and order something from shapeways.
    My first trial shapeways project is still on the way in production.
    At the moment, I m not ready to open my shop.
    Now, shapeways is one of my remote personal factory for my own product development.
    As I trust shapeways' IP policy, this really help product developer/designer a lot for some concept stage projects.

    Here is my touch point.
    welcome to visit and add me as friend if you like

    I welcome all sharing, co-operation and idea exchange on all about product developoment/ design.

    my licensed software: rhinocero 4.0
    my personal sample factory: replicator dual with makerware
    my close business partner: www.trendex.hk

    CHEERS!! :)

  2. Youknowwho4eva
    Youknowwho4eva Shapeways Employee Community Team
    Welcome! What did you make for your first order?
  3. T1NB1OCK
    T1NB1OCK New Member
    Hi Youknowwho4eva,

    Nice to meet you!
    Yeah, i designed some simple products such as holder for different things.
    But, as the first time experience, I had quite a lot rejections when i submitted some metal/ ceramic projects.
    I thought I really need more time to study well the design guideline for those materials.
    finally, i focus on nylon as the design guideline seems much easier.
    I hope I will have some awesome results!
    I have looked through your shop! you are a productive maker! A lot model!

  4. Youknowwho4eva
    Youknowwho4eva Shapeways Employee Community Team
    stainless and ceramics can be difficult, because of the production techniques. Both require multiple steps in production that can lead to failure of models that aren't designed to withstand the process.

    I do have a lot of products. I haven't design a lot lately though. I need to get on it!
  5. T1NB1OCK
    T1NB1OCK New Member
    you are right! those 2 materials are really not easy to handle!
    however, they are what really big attraction for 3D printing!
    For end users, i think those 2 materials seems the most affordable and very close to a final quality product

    so later, i will still try to do that kind of project to try what I can be up to!

  6. T1NB1OCK
    T1NB1OCK New Member