Heart Cage Pendant

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  1. AmLachDesigns
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    Heart Cage Pendant I just received this (in time for xmas!) and I am pretty happy with it.

    The second iteration of this dsign - it needed beefing up to survive the polishing process. A quick dip in some silver cleaner to remove the brown stains (is this normal with silver?) and here we are.

    I hope you like it, thanks and happy holidays.

    Heart Cage Pendant 3.jpg
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  2. AmLachDesigns
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    Another photo with a cord this time.

    Heart Cage Pendant 5.jpg
  3. DavidMulder
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    Love it! Seriously, awesome job :D .


    With brown stains you mean like this black powder/stuff in hard to get to corners?
  4. AmLachDesigns
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    thanks for your feedback, I appreciate it.

    Perhaps you can see in the following picture, where the head of the arrow exits the heart. There are the remains, AFTER cleaning. It was, for me a brown colour almost rusty. Not really a powder, more a dried liquid deposit.

    It's clearly a hard to get at spot. I tried soapy water first, which achieved nothing, and then a commercial silver cleaning dip.

    Heart Cage Pendant 2.jpg