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  1. smog
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    I would like to know if you have the possibility to print a flexible/gummy material: now i'm working in a project that needs a sort of soft skin that is wrapping 2 single "bones". The skin is necessary to contain the bones and to allow a small movement (like a joint), so the skin must to be elastic.

    I remember that I saw in the website, a vase made out of a soft material (there was a picture with the vase squeezed by the hand).
    I would like to know if is possible to print something like this, and if the answer is positive, what could be the minimum thickness?

    Thank you a lot in advance
  2. madox
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  3. robert
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    Hi Smog!

    I know what you mean. We currently do not offer that material It does exist. There are no concrete plans to offer it in the future. But we can always be persuaded in case of popular demand. Just let us know!



  4. frigi
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    That sort of demand is like really difficult to archieve here though. Don't get get me wrong but you gotta get like the whole community behind you and all of them posting here that they want it, otherwise it's no use.

    So let me do the start: I'm with you on this one.

    @Shapeways: I know that you guys like the idea of setting up official polls on the frontpage for this kind of stuff - at least you told me so several times - but the time you actually do it is yet to come. It would be great if that changes some time soon.
  5. robert
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    Hi frigi,

    No worries!

    It works a bit like this. If there is enough activity in this thread it will get noticed.

    We did a poll on our next material back in September. We let you guys choose between a blue, grey and black material. Most of the votes went to black. So that is what we added.


  6. Whystler
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    I think you should find someone who can print flubber.