full color sandstone and multiple parts

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  1. christopherlowe
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    i want to print a bunch of beads in color, in sandstone, i couldn't find anywhere that tells of multiple parts that are not nested. i want to string them on a necklace and such so they need to be separate parts that are not stuck together...

    barring multiple parts in one print i was going to connect them with a small connector twigs. i am wondering if anyone has had any experience doing this with full color sandstone? with the delicate nature of the print is there any use to even attempting this?

  2. Youknowwho4eva
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    I think with sandstone, you may be alright without connecting them. Let me check with Nancy.

    Edit: she says to put them in some sort of cage. Something like this bearing http://www.shapeways.com/topics/udesign/design-rules/full_co lor_sandstone/wheel.jpg so that the parts can easily be collected from the print. I'm thinking, depending on your bead hole size, you could put them around a post, and just break the post. Your hole would have to be at least 3.8 mm? (2mm for the post and .9 each side clearance to not fuze)
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