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Discussion in 'Shapeways Shops' started by mctrivia, Jun 28, 2011.

  1. mctrivia
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    Google is offering a free $75 advertisement for adwords at the moment:
    Click Here

    Use it to advertise your products. gave me $100 a few weeks back and I have been running a few adds. over 500 extra clicks but unfortunately even though the price was right in the ad no sales. Will stop once the money runs out.

    To save you some time most popular banner sizes for websites to show:


    I am averageing about $0.07 per click which would be great if even 10% turned into sales.
  2. bitstoatoms
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    Great opportunity,

    But selling a product from a greyscale render is a tough ask.

    If you had beautiful well lit images to go with the add I think you would see a definite difference!

    Good luck
  3. mctrivia
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    I get photos as I can. I got a few done in bronze to get really nice pics but they arrived after the $100 I had expired.
  4. dizingof
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    I agree, a flyby surfer needs all the "info" about the product in front his eyes to make a split second decision to order it (AKA spontaneous buyer)
    - with a shapeways render .. well.. not good

    You may have sales with shapeways renders only because dice collectors already know what 3d printing is all about and have come to know your other models with their real pics etc.. but not a spontaneous buyer/first time visitor ..

    Check on your Google analytics the average time spent on your pages.. 1 to 3 minutes if you're lucky..

    I too sell many of my designs with just my own rendering..
    (one in particular was a $350 glazed ceramics vase) - most likely because customers have come to know the designer's work by now.

    BTW I suggest for any shop owner who uses such campaigns to create a dedicated page for the model - i.e: use a hidden link for it.
    This way when you start the campaign you get accurate numbers of exactly how many surfers arrived from your ad, the click ratio and based on your Yippee emails the conversion rate.. this way you'll know how good your campaign is.

  5. mctrivia
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    that is a great suggestion though from my experience I will not be spending more money on ads. My markup is just not high enough to make it worth it.

    My free money had an expiry date and my most impressive models I did not have real pics in yet. I ran many different ads to see what would get results. Many had real pictures since I have them in hand. Others I did not get the models till after the expiry date.

    Analytics still gets hits of google ads so anyone that is advertising is advertising for us all. So as long as the free $75 is available try it and advertise your best designs.

    As for time spent on my site. has longest average page view time by far. But everyone on there is looking for dice
  6. dizingof
    dizingof New Member