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Discussion in '3D Jobs Board' started by FmuldDesigns, Jun 2, 2013.

  1. FmuldDesigns
    FmuldDesigns New Member

    I'm new at 3D modelling. Would like like to gain more experience.

    Experience: None

    Portfolio: Want to expand my Portfolio

    Software: 3D Blender.

    The only thing I ask, that I can use the model/photo in my portfolio.
  2. Mindgems
    Mindgems New Member
    I have an idea that I would like to have made. How do I go about giving you the information?
  3. FmuldDesigns
    FmuldDesigns New Member

    You could PM me the info or just give an overview.

    What type of model is it?

    Is they a time scale?

  4. jerrywp
    jerrywp New Member
    Looking to create a 5" ball with intricate design of your choice - that is open and will have a airy look
    Inside i want there to be a second oval section with two spindles like a compass that will spin
    One of the compass spindles wider with letting on it
    I would like the inside ball seperate where it would move around inside of the first ball.
    I want lettering on the spindals saying "I will show the way"
    Don't know if that is something you can do or not.
    Jerry Phelps

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  5. FmuldDesigns
    FmuldDesigns New Member

    Thanks for the infor. But, it will be too ambition for me at this stage. Maybe, when I feel more confident & have more experiance in 3d Modelling.

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  6. librfmzk
    librfmzk New Member
    I am interested in having a case made for a small tile. the dimensions are 30mm x 23mm x 13mm > I have no idea if this can be done. one face of the tile already has engraving on it, I would like to have artwork done on the case itself. I would provide that. The final material would have to be something slippery or glossy. Is this something you could design? if so where would I go to have the final product made?

    thanks for your help. obviously I am new to this.

  7. FmuldDesigns
    FmuldDesigns New Member
    Hi all

    Thanks for sending me ideas for 3D models.

    I've chosen two (I hope) simple projects.

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  8. librfmzk
    librfmzk New Member
    i thought the idea was for you to help me, not to have you take my idea and just develop it on your own. will you be sharing the model with me?
  9. philipgalinsky
    philipgalinsky New Member
    I need to meet face to face with a 3d designer for my project.
    Please be from the New York city Area, it is not a hard project but
    it will be easy to start if we can meet face to face, It deals with luggage.
    strong plastic or metal we will see when we meet.

  10. 275323st
    275323st New Member
    Hi my name is David McNealy I am looking for some help designing some protype for my company. I was hoping you could give me a call at 248 935-5240 or please email me at Thanks again! David