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  1. I've been working on this project for a co-worker for a while. I'm basically done, but before I finalize for printing, I'm trying to decide if I should put some details inside the hollow tree (e.g. fungus, ferns, etc.). I am thinking I will purchase some wargaming miniature grass, leaves, and moss to fill in the blank portions. Has anyone worked with wargaming minis before?

    Also, I am planning to glue some translucent material (rice paper?) to the wing structure (probably just on one side of each wing, not both). Any ideas or suggestions on materials or process?

    Any other thoughts?

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    First off, amazing design! I love it! Second, I dont think you need to add rice paper, but if you feel you must, I would try clear resin or just some clear archival glue to attach the paper.. BUT If you have the wings detached, what I would do is just fill in the wings with an epoxy resin using a Plique-a-jour technique.

    Just my thoughts. :D

  3. Ray,

    Thanks for the comments! I hadn't thought of the <insert French term> technique! That's quite a neat idea. I may do that.
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    I agree with Ray: first, I think the model looks great as is; second, if you do do something, a clear film/filler is the way to go.

    I can't help with the details, though ....
  5. Thanks. I didn't really elucidate my thoughts on the wings. They aren't going to be pink - that's just because I didn't feel like spending the time making them all fancy for the render. I plan to make them a variety of pastel colors. The rice paper idea was to give me something to paint with soft bleeding colors, so long as I could make the paper appear translucent. (something opaque would not do).

    I'll look around at Michael's and see if I can find some sort of clear resin to test.
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