Double Head from photos of two people, as realistic as possible

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    I want to give a present to two friends of mine who hosted me over the summer in Washington, DC. I have an idea to make a bust-like sculpture of their two busts and put it on top of a keg handle (because they have a keg-r-ator). I think I will just put some velcro on the bottom of their busts and attach it to the keg handle myself. I just need a realistic looking bust of the two of them. I have tried to figure out Blender and to do this myself but I can't seem to get that going. So, I would like to discuss what you think is possible. My idea is to have their two heads joined together at the back-- kinda growing out of each other. But, if anyone has an idea that you feel like will work I would love to hear it. The only criterion is that it look (reasonably) like the photos that I will provide of their faces. Ideas? Costs?

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    Sculpting two photorealistic heads would be quite a lot of work, which I suspect would cost more than you're willing to pay.

    You might want to have a look at this site:

    With that, you could take a bunch of pictures of them, and get realistic models of their heads. From there, it would be fairly easy.
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    Hi, That's something I've done and my purpose is to do it every day for every people.
    Heads for jewelry consist in a fine job helped by photos or scans and the result I've obtained looks very great if it is reconstructed with my own cn milling machine or issued of a 3D printer.
    Let's have a look at this joigned example but two or better three ( face, profile, 3/4 ) photo's are required.
    I'm using a graphic tablet and 3D modeling tools to sculpt it; nothing to do with all those " miraculous all in one softwares ".
    My own head and the transposition in a bust ( 3.5 inches ) stealed into PU resin.
    See you later.
    3D portraits by Repliqua 3D.jpg