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  1. willatfensec1
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    Afternoon All

    I was thinking about having a model made up of my dogs head which I could hopefully scale / play around with in sketchup - at the moment it is all I have but maybe one day expand to having some more programs. So in the mean time the only files I can use would be .DAE and .SKP

    I was hoping to get the model hollow with say 3mm thick walls - I have attached a picture but can/will provide more when and if we can come to an agreement. Im in no rush for this at the moment - its just a pipeline dream but maybe a good present if we can do this for other friends dogs etc
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  2. Reidh
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    If you know how to use skp and .dae files. you can download Blender 3D modeling software for free at go and see for your self.
  3. willatfensec1
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    Hi Reidh

    Thanks for the info. Looks great and would be a very useful tool, even better it works directly on Linux!! I will give this a try and show some progress - it might take some time though.