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Discussion in 'Customer Service' started by loonsbury, Feb 26, 2009.

  1. loonsbury
    loonsbury New Member
    I was hoping not to need to ask this question, but I don't clearly understand the details.

    Since the discount appears now before finalizing an order, I can't tell what the intention is. Is $300 USD our limit after the discount, or before?
    i.e. cart total<=$300 or <=$225?
  2. robert
    robert New Member
    Hi Loonsbury,

    The $300 limit is after the discount is applied.

    Or in your example: cart total<=$300

    Best regards,

  3. loonsbury
    loonsbury New Member
    Thanks! Just a few more thousand looks through my models to check wall thicknesses now :laughing:

    You guys are the best.