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  1. smtkelly
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    My item (my first from shapeways) arrived however I noticed 3 parts had been squeezed vertically. I figured this was a printing error and contacted CS right away.

    A lengthy email exchange occurred where I showed over an over again where the print did not match the file. One part is a mirror on another with came out perfect but this one was squished so i believe it isn't a mistake on my part..

    In the end CS told me in as many words "we give up" and told me to pay to have it printed again. I'm furious my model is useless without all the parts it cost a reasonable sum to have made and I been waiting close to 4week for an answer.

    Is this really how they treat customers? This was a test purchase for me I have another 3model that need printing now I figure my money would be safer spent else where.


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  2. mkroeker
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    Are the two parts expected to be the same size ? If yes, I do not see how a printing error could lead to this drastic difference.
    Even if no, double-check your file to make sure you did not apply unequal scaling to the smaller object by mistake.
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    Hey smtkelly,

    so sorry to hear that! Could you contact me on bart@shapeways.com and include links to the products on Shapeways.com? I'll ask around and see what happened here.

  4. bartv
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    To follow up, we found a rare bug in our system that in fact DID cause scaling problems when uploading Collada files. We're getting it fixed and are in touch with Simon to resolve his order issues as well.