Depth of details in CustomMaker text?

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  1. MeganGrace
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    Is there any info on the dimensions of the text of these models, used to show the CustomMaker potential, please?
    I would like the recreate the crispness of the text details in WSF, at a similar scale. Or, is this impossible since metal is much harder than WSF?

    If so, does anyone have an idea of the dimensions of the smallest text that can be embossed/engraved in WSF to get similar results to these images, please? I imagine there's been some testing at SW to release the CustomMaker tool, so any info would be much appreciated.

    I have done a couple of engraving tests in the past, using the minimum dimensions on the Materials specs, but the text came out kind of blobby from polishing.

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  2. UniverseBecoming
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    When it comes to the cast metals they are printed in very high resolution. I think the resolution on for cast metals is something like 16 µm layers. The Stainless Steel material is also fairly high resolution at 101.6 µm. Shapeways Strong and Flexible Plastic has good resolution layer wise but it doesn't have great resolution when it comes to things like small text. The reason why is its printed by melting a powder and the powder doesn't like to stick together perfectly so you'll get rough looking edges when it comes to fine details. Shapeways other plastics though have much better resolution, well aside from the Full-Color Plastic, which is also printed from a powder. The stainless steel is printed from a powder but only a very very small amount of adhesive is used to bind the particles together before they are infused with bronze so the particles have a much finer appearance on detailed edges compared to the other plastics that are made via 3D printing layers of powder.

    If I were going to print something with small lettering in strong and flexible plastic I would go with 1 mm x 1 mm engravings. That way you will definitely be able to read the text without issue and the appearance will look nice, well as nice as it can be with its prominent grainy surface texture.
  3. MeganGrace
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    Thanks very much for the explanation! I thought the metal would be higher res, like you say.
    I was hoping to make the graphic smaller than a 1mm x 1mm dimension, but I'll see if I can do something at that scale.
    Cheers again!
  4. numarul7
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    0.7 is minimum engraved text on WSF 1 mm is recommended even for cast metals , things can happen that can render text unreadable.

    James , you got too much technical in there.

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    True! :p

    I was searching for something else and saw your reply just now.