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    Since editing a lot of items is so time consuming I've searched for a method to do that as quick as possible.

    I'm using firefox and I've activated the plugin Customize your web.

    Thus I get:
    - forward/back button nearby SAVE
    - automatic scroll down to the bottom after loading the page
    - thus having: default material, shop sections, markup in my view
    - eliminating some unneeded stuff so that rendering is quicker
    - copy the main image in this view area to see the item

  2. woody64
    woody64 Well-Known Member
    I'va attached the XML, to allow an import of this pattern.

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  3. woody64
    woody64 Well-Known Member
    Oncemore an attempt to get more influence to boring updates on the item page.

    I've added 2 Buttons:
    - one to reset all materials
    - one to set the materials to my default values.

    A lot of stuff maybe added to this functionality ...

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  4. woody64
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    That's the XML for loading into "Customize your web".

    Since it's alpha you have to adapt the item number for your testing purpose,.

    Open issues:
    I've set the default material to my standard default but the blue triangle isn't set correctly. It's ok after pressing the "Update Material ..." button.

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