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    When I realized (about a year ago) that, as a home schooler, I wouldn't be getting a high school graduation ring, I knew I had to do something about it. Over the next few months, in between heavy senior school work and my robotics team, I researched several different kinds of graduation rings and designed this it in Fusion 360. I needed to make sure it'd fit (as a guy I'd never worn a ring before) so I ordered it in Shapeways Fine Detail Plastic (the prototype). I then ordered it in polished bronze and was super stoked to get it late last August. (It took me a while to finalize every detail.) When it first arrived it almost looked like real gold, but quickly tarnished in a way that I really like. The photos below are of it in its tarnished state.
    [​IMG] [​IMG][​IMG]
    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    Every detail has a meaning to it:
    • The symbol on top is a custom "logo" based around my initials and the meaning of my name. The symbol seem on the ring is backwards, though, as I chose to do a signet ring instead of trying to figure out how to set a gemstone in a custom ring. (I had a few ideas for how to do this but, in the end, I went for the best option for my budget which meant not buying a gemstone.)
    • The gear is for my involvement in robotics throughout high school
    • The crown with the sword (as well as the fish on the side) represent two of the home school groups I was involved in in high school
    • The three runes towards the top (opposite side of the 2018) spell my nickname in Angerthas Erebor (thus displaying my LOTR fandom).
    • The fish (previously mentioned) doubles as it also represents my faith.
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