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  1. PlainOrb
    PlainOrb Member
    Hi there, I'm currently working on a cufflink for a client. I'm new to cufflink field, so I would appreciate if any one can share some information:
    I need to know the distance between the two ends as shown below, preferably in mm.


    again, thanks in advance to anyone who share this dimension.
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  2. PlainOrb
    PlainOrb Member
    I found many cufflinks in the market with stem length from 12mm to 20mm. Do they just fit different cuff sizes ?
  3. Youknowwho4eva
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    I moved you to general, as I think you might find more help here.
  4. PlainOrb
    PlainOrb Member
    Sure, Thanks
  5. Ray716
    Ray716 New Member
    I designed mine with a length of about 13mm, but that includes a slight bend so the design will stay upright..

    Hope this helps!

  6. PlainOrb
    PlainOrb Member
    Thanks! and your stem looks cool ~
  7. Ray716
    Ray716 New Member
    Thank you for the compliment! I worked really hard on it :D

  8. PlainOrb
    PlainOrb Member
    I design in Solidworks. I found multi-substance design will make the design process of cufflinks much more efficient. It allows you to play tricks on each part of the cufflink and combine them together at last when you think it's perfect.
  9. Ray716
    Ray716 New Member
    I use Blender 3d for all of my modeling.

    What is " multi-substance design"? It may be called something else in Blender.. But I'm not familiar with it.

  10. PlainOrb
    PlainOrb Member
    It means editing each part of the model independently and export the whole model as one part. That will bring you more flexibility during designing.
  11. Ray716
    Ray716 New Member
    Hmmm.. Interesting.

    What i usually do is just make multiple copy iterations of each design... It took me about 5 different tries to get the shape above to how I wanted it. Now I just have it saved as a part that I can implant in a design. :D It makes making new designs faster. :D