Created a small DIY product photography studio for my prints

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    Anticipating quite a few prints in the next few weeks I thought it time for a somewhat more dedicated setup to photograph them to show them here and on my new site to come (, more on that in the future)

    Just bought 2 fluorescent desk lamps and a window shade (white on one side and black on the other, dual use!)

    And it actually works! I like the fluorescent light since it keeps the colors clean. I use the same lights in my scan studio since it gives more true to live textures. In this case I also use a few existing halogen lights on a dimmer overhead so I can add a hint of warmth back in.

    Could Shapeways not do something similar?

    One thing I dislike somewhat in the gallery is the hodgepodge of thumbnails. some are the default preview, others are home made pics. All different. Would it be feasible to make a standard pic after printing and automatically add those to your account. You then could chose to use it or substitute it for your own. In my opinion this would add a extra level of quality to the site. I have no clue how the printing is done. If all the printers are in one or 2 facilities or that most are outsourced which would make this a bit harder. But just a thought!

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    Hey there great shots, Well done.
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    Hey Tristian,

    Fantastic images really help to show the amazing detail of your models.

    Like Etsy, Ebay and Amazon, Shapeways relies on the person selling the item to create the listing including description, image and price. I appreciate the suggestion of Shapeways photographing the models but there are a few things that get in the way.

    Photographing over 2000 items a week would take a long time and slow down the delivery time. Not all items are ever made public or are put on sale, would we photograph and update every time the model is printed, and items are printed and shipped from multiple locations..

    The most important reason to keep users uploading photographs is it is your design, with your personality and your style. We want to encourage you to promote your items in the best possible light, and as we are not creating mass produced products but unique, personal items, we want that presentation to be unique.

    Could the photography be better on Shapeways, of course. We have a few fantastic examples like yourself that create beautiful images that document your designs really well, but we also have some that are below par.

    Again if you take a look at Etsy the listings with the best images get promoted by each other, make their way into galleries, treasuries, blogs and mainstream print press.
    The same is happening here on Shapeways with people like Nervous System, Michiel Cornelissen, Gijs, Bathsheba, Robo3687, Noesis, Dad Drummond, Ceramic Wombat, all doing there best to take great photos and getting recognition for their work.

    If anyone needs some pointers check out the blog post on photography -Your-Designs.html

    Or check this out on Etsy

    Thanks again Tristian, I love you work and images, they are an inspiration for us all..
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    Hi Duann,

    Yeah I see the issues and reasons why you would want the community to solve this. Then it would be more a curation issue that would solve the issue. If the well presented products would be featured on the site first, or more prominent people would be more inclined to put some effort in it? To a degree shapeways are already doing this on the featured items at the top of the homepage... It is just that those drab grey preview renders kind of ruin the overall quality feel of the other pages.
    Maybe it could also be remedied by investing some time to see if a nicer standard render could be made of each model?

    Anyhow, I wonder how etsy cultivated their users. Their site looks amazing! It is almost if their users are pro photographers first before Handy crafters. I think they curate allot as well. The recently added section at the bottom has some less quality shots in there...

    Fascinating subject for sure!
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    Hey Tristian,

    Etsy uses the community to curate the best designs and they constantly remind sellers they need to have great shots to be successful.

    Just like we have favorites, Etsy also has the Treasuries I mentioned before, that are curated by Etsy Users.

    Etsy then picks the best of these and brings them to the front page.

    The grey renders are something Etsy do not encounter as almost everything must be photographed by it's nature.

    Shapeways too can only promote designs with great images, on the fron page, on the blog, facebook, twitter, tumbr and to our journalist friends, we only promote those items with great images..

    Keep up the great work!!!

    Your images were posted on Facebook and Tumblr over the weekend ;)

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    Great one! Thanks
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