Confirm size of uploaded design

Discussion in 'Design and Modeling' started by 2SeeKU, Oct 24, 2011.

  1. 2SeeKU
    2SeeKU New Member
    Hey Guys,
    I've just uploaded my first design and just want to be sure it's the correct size. :D


    The page shows its (In CM) 11.4 w x 4.2 d x 0.3 h, I need it to be about 4cm high, is that correct or is it taking the 3D aspect into consideration?

  2. stop4stuff
    stop4stuff Well-Known Member
    The dimensions are a box that the model would fit into. So your 4.2cm would be from the bottom to the top the '6' The 11.4cm would be from the left of 'Cluc' to the righ of the '6' and the 0.3cm would be from the underside to the topside of the '6'.

    Hope that makes sense :)


  3. 2SeeKU
    2SeeKU New Member
    Crystal clear! That makes perfect sense.

    Thanks for that. Now the only hard part is waiting for my model to come :)