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  1. virtox
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    These are the requests gathered in the previous topic, thanks to all for contributing so far!

    Please post your feature requests, bug reports or change requests to the thread and I will add them and we can try to compile an overview of most wanted/needed.

    For now the numbering is arbitrary and for short term reference, as items will be added and resorted.

    To avoid multi-page monster topics, I will start a fresh post every so often.

    Woody64 was already kind enough to make a start with a categorial subdivision and priority sorting.

    Actually data is now in an XLS file!

    Three sheets:
    Request list.
    Changelog for the xls.

    Please post new items and small alterations here.

    In case of many changes, please make them as you see fit to the file, tag file with you name and upload it. PLEASE update changelog.
    Then post that file and a summary here of what you did, please :)

    To give your view on priority, download file, ONLY change severity as you see fit and post back here, I will gather and merge.

    Next post contains a flat CC of current state.

    Keep ehm coming :)

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  2. virtox
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    [list type=1]
    [*] FR 2,5 3 2 Report sales without markup
    [*] CR 1,5 2 1 16 31 Fix markup matrix for large shops: Breakdown per section / 10 rows per page to speed up / Hide models not for sale/Show only model not for sale. Improve layour/reduce scrolling. It's near impossible to manage for large shops
    [*] CR 1 1 1 Improve site loading time, replace unnecessary ajax. Customers/Designers are bored with low responding sites
    [*] CR 2 2 2 41 Better markup management on product page, add a "to all" button (Merged with NR 43)
    [*] CR 2 2 2 Triple check the buying flow (add to cart vs order now)
    [*] FR 2,5 3 2 49 8 9 15 Modelnumbers in order overview.
    [*] FR 3 3 3 48 Order and orderline numbers in shipping email
    [*] FR 3 3 3 6 Shipped dates in order overview
    [*] FR 2,5 2 3 6 Personal orders in order overview
    [*] FR 2,5 3 2 Resubmit/Edit previous orders
    [*] CR 2 2 2 Rich description for each shop section (as current shop description)
    [*] CR 2 2 2 2 31 Make separate page of old shop-inventory, current old version has reload issues.
    [*] FR 2 2 2 Allow edit of shop-section names
    [*] FR 2 2 2 Allow sorting of shop-sections
    [*] CR 2 2 2 6 Long model names in order overview.
    [*] CR 2 2 2 2 31 Allow to move an object at the end/beginning of the list in the new product inventory and to move it to the next/previous "page", exactly as in the old inventory (a page could be a group of 8 objects for instance): one position at a time is not really efficient.
    [*] FR 3 3 3 31 Allow more than two lines of products in the old inventory
    [*] FR 1 1 1 Allow the editing of picture caption in product page (not only at upload time) Seems not major but a change from designer affects printing direction and it's the first thing a customer sees.
    [*] FR 3 3 3 Allow sorting of pictures in product page
    [*] FR 3 3 3 Allow more than one video in the product page
    [*] CR 2,5 2 3 48 Full model names in shipping email
    [*] FR 2 2 2 48 Differentiation between customer and personal orders in shipping email
    [*] FR 3 3 3 Delete models from an overview page
    [*] FR 3 3 3 31 Manage models from overview page (visible/private/unlisted)
    [*] FR 3 3 3 A better 3d viewer, preferably capable of color.
    [*] FR 3 3 3 Improve pricing model for co-creator items, markup dependent on actual volume used in uploaded model.
    [*] FR 3 3 3 Make download button available for shop-owners on co-creator models.
    [*] BF 2,5 2 3 Fix that models can't be updated, if "available in material" list is empty. (the (no suitable material/size error)
    [*] BF 3 3 3 Fix co-creator theme sort, sort by name/price does not work as expected.
    [*] CR 3 3 3 Improve voting system (moderated)
    [*] FR 1 1 1 2 Excel/CSV export/import feature, so we can mass edit all data for all models offline. The only way to manage large shops or changes. Or do something similar in an effective and fast!!! way. I personally spent more time in managing this during the last months then in doing new things ...
    [*] BF 3 3 3 Impossible to order co-creator items when "Listed on site" option is un-set. (private co-creator?)
    [*] CR 3 3 3 Shapeways should not cancel co-creator orders without contacting the designer, allowing to fix the error
    [*] BF 2 2 2 Fix the Material filter in the Gallery's Product (see for instance the category dice, where you will see that all dice seem to be available in any material, which they are not.
    [*] BF 2 2 2 Fix the Category selection, it is not consistent: for the first sub-category it is OK if you check the category and then the sub-category, but for the second if you check first a category you cannot check any of its sub-category anymore.
    [*] CR 2 2 2 Allow URL with brackets in the forum posts or remove any bracket from Shapeways URL's, because brackets break links.
    [*] BF 2 2 2 Fix count between brackets in shops section, the amount currently does not correlate with actual amount of public items. Magics jewels contains 27 items, page right bottom says 29
    [*] BF 3 3 3 Co-creator bug: sometimes an item from order overview does not appear on todo-list and designer does not get an email with link. The current fix/work-around is not clear.
    [*] CR 1 1 1 Improve communication about incidental manual fixes and workarounds. to get this things right and decrease discussions about such things
    [*] FR 1 1 1 A "model page" as the customer sees, having a separate browser session to do so is cumbersome. Designers/shop owners need to see what the customer sees Designers/shop owners need to see what the customer sees
    [*] CR 1 1 1 The "model edit" pages as we see them now also have grown a bit beyond practical : "Choose a material" and "Related products" take up a lot space which could be more useful for editing things related to the model. Main working page for a single item. It needs a redesign
    [*] CR 3 3 3 The "Private Galleries" bit on the model page, has been superseded by "shop sections"? If not not used, why not hide it?
    [*] FR 1,5 2 1 41 31 Some sort of mini material matrix/list on the product page, so we can see all material markups for that model and use check boxes to enable/disable materials. Better markup management on product page, add a "to all" button. Current version is very slow, not transparent, easy to miss a 0 markup
    [*] CR 3 3 3 41 31 Reverse the awkward "Not available in" / "Add to unavailable" logic to the more logical "Model is designed for / printable in".
    [*] CR 3 3 3 For private models, on order rejection, do not fiddle with the materials list, do not set to "Not available".
    [*] CR 2 2 2 48 Consistent order numbers in each and every message ex. "Your model has been shipped" has no order number at all ex. "Your order 36794 at Shapeways" and "Shapeways | Order 133629 was cancelled" have no apparent relation
    [*] CR 2 2 2 48 Consistent, sortable subject lines in each and every message ex. "Your order 36794 at Shapeways"and "Shapeways | Order 133629 was cancelled" cannot be sorted by any means.
    [*] CR 2 2 2 6 7 46 47 A consistent information block in each and every message. Less blah-blah, more information: model number and names, order numbers, order dates, est. production dates, shipping dates, etc. etc.
    [*] FR 3 3 3 6 7 46 47 Order time in order overview
    [*] FR 3 3 3 6 7 46 47 Geographical location in order overview
    [*] FR 3 3 3 Allow youtube as image replacement at top of product page/Allow placement of youtube video in description using [video] or similar tag.
    [*] CR 1 1 1 Update dates when there are new delays with on going orders, maybe even send an email. Delay should be handled in a proper way
    [*] CR 2 2 2 In the product page, have a checkbox to indicate if hooks are to be added to the package for earrings (and later necklace for pendants, as soon as necklaces are re-introduced).
    [*] CR 2 1 3 Change several item's material in one step during ordering. Customers won't do boring things ...
    [*] Option to have markup payout via bank transfer.
    [*] Solve incidental problems with communication with customer service. Several "No reply from customer service" reported. Without proper communication we can't work.

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  3. ana_xyz
    ana_xyz New Member
    Thanks Virtox for starting this process, to Woody for the smart categorization and ranking, and to everyone else offering their creative smarts. This most definitely helps me help you, keep it up!!

  4. woody64
    woody64 Well-Known Member
    And now the real difficult part.
    Come to a common view about priority.
    I start with my personal view.
    If we get some other (>10) responses like that, there may be a better chance to get a common view.
    Please be careful with prio 1. Does that really affect business or functionality in a major/critical way. Please remark why!

    I would propose to add every comment to the top. Like
    [*] CR:1213.(42,33) Improve site loading time, replace unnecessary ajax.

    I've added a reference to another line if there's an affecting/similar topic.

    ... truncated, since the list was taken over in the excel file by virtox.

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  5. virtox
    virtox Active Member Moderator
    I have transferred the updated data to a spreadsheet. And the numbering has been locked down.

    See first and second post.

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  6. woody64
    woody64 Well-Known Member
    I've done some changes which may make working easier:

    - data types for Type and Priority
    - fields for priority voting
    - prio 1 remarks separated
    - average of severities defines
    - common view field defined (that's for sure not the avarege since it needs a common understanding)

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  7. virtox
    virtox Active Member Moderator

    My OpenOffice made a bit of a mess of this new version though.
    So I made minor fixes to layout in OO, and added my scoring.

    Attached 1.04

    Attached Files:

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  8. virtox
    virtox Active Member Moderator
    Ok, things synced again :)

    General note:

    As many of us have seen, Shapeways is currently working on a major update that will address a lot of these issues.

    Please don't be dismayed about any redundancy:
    Working parallel and independently on a community wishlist is only helpful in making sure nothing falls through the cracks ;)

  9. perfectphase
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  10. dizingof
    dizingof New Member
    About a 3D full color viewer - a must.. in my view - i've asked for it since ages ago

    Check this out :

    Done with plugin - yet i cant tell how secure/encrypted is the converted model to their format - nor the limit of used polygons..

    - still you have to admit it LOOKS AWESOME for shop owners...

    edit: typo
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  11. woody64
    woody64 Well-Known Member
    Fine, really nearby. Some of your Prio 1where also mine before I reduces the number ....

  12. Youknowwho4eva
    Youknowwho4eva Shapeways Employee Community Team
    I may have some time tonight to work on my priority finder for this. Now that we have a set number (I hope 54 is all :rolleyes: )
  13. stannum
    stannum Well-Known Member
    Another one: markup payments via bank transfers.
  14. dizingof
    dizingof New Member
    Once again... a co-creator shows up on my xsl file - BUT no email about it was sent nor is it listed on the To-Do list ...

    30-08-2011 Joint Stars 1 so010598 $5.89 $5.89 $0.00 $0.21 $0.21 $0.00 waiting for finishing Unsettled 62257 White Strong & Flexible

    But what's more magical about it is the fact that my entire shop has been switched to 'show only' in the last 24 hours - i.e: not for sale... still, this sale managed to get logged. yesterday.

    Someone is messing with me... :confused

  15. virtox
    virtox Active Member Moderator
    @stannum: noted!

    @Dizingof: These bugs were already reported by you, and listed under 38 and 39, no need for repetition.

    As to the magical sales, I think that might fall under 39.
    But best to contact customer service to find out what's going on.
    Contact them at, with the order nr and details of your problem and I'm sure they will help you out :)
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  16. dizingof
    dizingof New Member

    @Virtox : no need to repeatedly remind me how to contact - i'm as veteran here as you are since 2009

    Support & Barry (Bcc) didn't reply to my email since i reported the first bug..

    Instead, someone made that nameless co-creator sale to my name/account... as if i ordered it ... and Voila .. problem solved !

    What makes you think they will reply now... on the same bug.. ? :confused

  17. virtox
    virtox Active Member Moderator
    I'm sorry to hear you have trouble contacting Shapeways.

    I shall add the item to the list:

    - Buggy communications with customer service. Customer service is unresponsive sometimes.

    If you have any more, just let me know and I will add them.

    Request for all
    Please be so kind to fill out a priority column in the sheet with your preferences?
    And to quote Woody
  18. Youknowwho4eva
    Youknowwho4eva Shapeways Employee Community Team
    Or wait till I finish my survey (hopefully tonight EST) to figure out the priority.
  19. virtox
    virtox Active Member Moderator
    @Mike, Oops, sorry about that, had missed you were doing that :)

    Attached v1.05, added two items:

    55 Option to have markup payout via bank transfer.
    56 Solve incidental problems with communication with customer service. Several "No reply from customer service" reported. Without proper communication we can't work.


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  20. dizingof
    dizingof New Member

    @Virtox , here is 38,39 and 56 all over again the 4th time !

    It happened again TODAY...

    01-09-2011 Joint Stars 1 so010632 $5.89 $5.89 $0.00 $0.21 $0.21 $0.00 ready for production Unsettled 62452 Black Strong & Flexible

    This model Joint Stars has been on "Not of sale" for the past 48 hours (as all of my other models) and yet another sale was made today... and this time , since it was a "co-creator" it's status should have been "waiting for finishing", yet its "ready for production"

    - Again are sales logged in real time or delayed..?

    Anyway, i decided to post the email i've sent to Support, Barry, and Bart for every one to see.

    If i do get a reply.. i will post it