Co-creator production time countdown not in working days ?

Discussion in 'Customizable Products & Design' started by virtox, Jul 12, 2010.

  1. virtox
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    Hey guys,

    Last Friday evening I got a co-creator order request. (my production time set to 3 days)
    Today, Monday, there is zero days left on the countdown :blush:

    I assumed the production time also worked with the "working days" as the rest of the site. (When ordering it says : 13 working days (10+3))

    Also, if someone orders in the evening or just before midnight, I kinda loose a production day..

    For now I will increase the production time by two days, to account for the weekend and evenings.

    But I would be great if "days" were the same for all systems :)



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  2. pp
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    Hi Stijn,

    I'll follow up on this.
    For the reason you mentioned it is supposed to be working days.

    Will come back to you on this

    Peter Paul

  3. Youknowwho4eva
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    I do know that production time isn't based on your day worry Virtox, it is based on time. So if you have it set to 3 days, and they order at 11:59. It wont drop down to 2days until 11:59 the next day. If I've seen correctly with my own orders.
  4. virtox
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    @Peter Paul : thanks.

    @Cheery Mike:

    Not entirely sure about that, the template was ordered Friday at 9pm (mytime) On Monday at 11am it said : 0 days left.
    Which should not have been until 9pm then I guess.

    Heheh, and this afternoon at 3pm I get an email I have 1 day left ;)

    Anyhow, for the customers point of view I'm still ahead of schedule :rolleyes:


    worry Virtox (<- my wife thought it was very cute ;))
  5. pp
    pp New Member
    OK I have double checked and currently it's as follows;

    Days set by the designer/ you are 24 hours.

    To support the clarity and consistency I have asked to adjust this to working days. Working days being Monday to Friday.

    Such a change will take some time but at least you know what the current situation is and that we are working to change it.

    Peter Paul