changing color under UV?

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  1. I want to print a big scale architectural model that would be in the sun for a long time, does anyone has any experience with this?
    Will the model turn yellow? It would be in the PA2200 SLS.

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  2. virtox
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    I have several models in WSF which after months look yellow in comparison to freshly printed.
    My guess, that it happens a lot faster in full sunlight.

    Presumably this can be slowed down/stopped by applying a clear coating, but have not seen any real confirmation on this.

    But it certainly helps against the porous nature of WSF which also might cause discoloration (from sigarette smoke and such)
    WSF also gets dirty very quickly when handled. (absorbing skin grease)


  3. GHP
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    I haven't tried it, but I know Krylon makes a UV-resistant clear spray coating. If they have it in your area, it should probably be available in art or drafting-supply stores, or signage stores.