Change model thickness intelligently

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  1. mimekunst
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    My model's wall thickness is below 3mm on some parts. How do I increase wall thickness only on those parts which are below? Using which tool?

    If there is none, how do I generally increase wall thickness?

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  2. Schorhr
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    you should post a sample picture and state what programm you are using.

    On some occasions, and depending on the material, even smaller details may print, but it is a risk. I have seen both cases: Sandstone figure with 2mm arms, and other material meeting the wall thickness requirements with broken parts.
  3. mimekunst
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    You should answer my question.
  4. virtox
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  5. aeron203
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    You should use the wall thickening tool. :)

    Many programs have a tool that can move a face along it's normal (perpendicular to the surface). Apply that to all the faces at once and you get thicker walls.
  6. dadrummond
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    E.g. in Blender, use Sculpt mode and the Layer tool.