Cartoon Character model needed, fast turnaround

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  1. askrom
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    Hi everyone!

    I am seeking an artist to build a 3D model of my company's cartoon mascot. The character is a humanoid children's cartoon character, not a superhero or monster or a robot. Think more like Bob's Big Boy or Fred Flintstone. I am looking for an artist who can show a solid portfolio of actual 3D renders of 3D printable characters of this type. Video game musclemen and alien monsters need not apply. :)

    Turnaround is pretty much ASAP. Thanks!

  2. Ming
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  3. codexehow
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    Are you seriously claiming to be the designer of Yogi Bear? :rolleyes:

    More to the point, Yogi Bear came out in 1958. Something in your story stinks.

    If you mean they hired you as a freelancer to model one of their characters in Zbrush or something, then you should rephrase.
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  4. Ming
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    sorry for not putting it clearly ... and you are right , i was hired by someone to model the characters.
  5. codexehow
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    No sweat. It's a good sculpt.
  6. Ming
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    thanks for the compliment :)