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Discussion in 'Shapeways Shops' started by Bathsheba, Sep 11, 2012.

  1. Bathsheba
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    I wanted to post a Feedback item, but I can't sign in at

    If I try without being logged in at Shapeways, it takes me to the Shapeways login, which...logs me into Shapeways. After which I'm still not signed into feedback-land.

    If I try while logged into Shapeways, the Sign In button pops up a duplicate of wherever I last was in the Shapeways site. I.e. not a sign-in page, just a random Shapeways page.

    This isn't as important as fixing the sales report and the Co-Creator.

    Those are important.

    Can we have an ETA on either? Please? Christmas is coming, people want to get monogrammed stuff.

    Carthago delenda est.
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  2. natalia
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    HI Bathsheba,

    My Sales will be back this Friday 14th September, ahead of payments on the 15th! woo! :)

    Co-creators have a very short eta right after that.

    I've posted more details in this thread: amp; amp;start=0&

    Thanks for the uservoice feedback, you should be able to sign in seperately into it, but I will report that it is still buggy.

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