Bright Orange On Glossy Finish Full Color Sandstone

Discussion in 'Design and Modeling' started by dan_meil, Feb 13, 2020.

  1. dan_meil
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    I would like to print an object which has a part in vivid bright orange in glossy finish full color sandstone.
    I mean an orange color like in this "Orange Car V8" model:
    (i don't need the actual orange-fruit-like surface, I only need a simple uniform orange color).

    I tried to set different diffuse colors to my material e.g. RGB #ffb400, as in
    But on Shapeways 3d view it always turns into light brown.
    I understand from the forums that Shapeways converts RGB to CMYK and I have to make it up by setting it lighter, but I could not find an RGB value that becomes orange.
    It only changes to lighter or darker tints of brown, or yellowish brown.

    I use Blender and export the file to Colada (dae) or x3d format for Shapeways.

    Can someone specify an RGB value that will work out?