Black Elasto Plastic as new Default Material?

Discussion in 'Shapeways Shops' started by KSND, May 26, 2012.

  1. KSND
    KSND Member
    After the introduction of Black Elasto Plastic, a ton of models In my shop have changed this to be their default material. Not only is this an undesireable material for those models, but it's not even a valid choice in many cases (most of the models are meant for materials with thinner wall thickness allowances). Anyone else experience this? Now I have to go through all of my models and change the default material.

    Note that the models in Edit mode will still claim, say WSF, as the default material, but the models don't actually display as such. To fix, you have to go to your models page, see what's defaulted to BEP, go to Edit, re-click the desired material as default, then update pricing.
  2. WillLaPuerta
    WillLaPuerta Well-Known Member
    Yeah, you're right. That's how mine are set, too. Thing is, even though it's set as the default it's not available in that material. People won't be able to buy it but it could cause a lot of confusion. I've got a lot of models and I really don't want to go back and fix all of them...
  3. stop4stuff
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    It looks like BEP is only the default material when logged in and viewing your own models. Logging out and clearing cookies then viewing a model shows the correct default material.

    Do you have any models currently that have BEP as the default that I chan check?
  4. WillLaPuerta
    WillLaPuerta Well-Known Member
    Ah! You're right, too. I just checked the same models as before and there's no problem at all. That's weird but it's less of a concern now.
  5. KSND
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    Indeed, thanks for checking on that. I went ahead and fixed them anyhow. Waste of time, but maybe worth the peace of mind to not have to wonder if the change will accidentally propagate to the end user at some point.
  6. bdickason
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    Are you still noticing the same behavior on new models? We've made some changes to how materials are handled and ordered recently.
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  7. stop4stuff
    stop4stuff Well-Known Member
    The issue of new materials being added to 'for sale' models was addressed a very long time ago (like one year plus) - why is it that two weeks after a similar event that you choose now, Brad, to ask if it is fixed?

    Please, Shapeways, if you are going to release stuff as 'beta' use your beta team to test stuff within a reasonable time allowance and if people have issues with untested stuff, deal with it asap or go back to what works before the release.

    I know this issue in particular is not a public thing, but when will the next glitch be public and cost trust?

  8. bdickason
    bdickason New Member
    Hi Paul, I just checked with Pete on the history here and didn't realize that the new materials being set to default material was an ongoing issue as of a year+ ago. Sorry about that!! :blush:

    I jumped in because I wasn't sure if the issue was fully resolved (from reading above) and I know that we made some changes this week to the order that materials are displayed.

    We all realize that we've moving slow on the dev side (I'm going to post a blog about this in two weeks when I get back from the Netherlands), and will probably make a few more mistakes like this over the next few months as we trudge through a number of the big issues with our codebase/data model that we've mentioned before.

    In general, we want to enable our beta group to test things fully, well before we release. Unfortunately, we're not there yet and have some sizable mountains to move before we do get there.

    I sent you a PM with some more detail and would love to chat further on the subject.