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    Since my girlfriend is from Berlin and Christmas is a big thing in Germany (being a Dutch guy, I prefer Sinterklaas ;) ) I decided to give her something special this year. I've made a ring shaped as the contour of the Berlin city map and placed the heart as a pin point at the exact location where she grew up and where here parents still live.

    The shipping part was nerve wrecking, since the Christmas rush caused quite a big delay, but thanks to Shapaways' wonderful customer service, and Michon in particular, everything arrived just in time (about an hour before I had to leave for the airport :D )

    I am very pleased with the way the ring turned out. Thanks to 3 prototypes it fits perfectly and it's way more solid than I expected.
    The earrings are less special, but they are where meant as a little extra (hidden under a double bottom) so that's alright.
    I am less happy with the box though, since the box was still wet upon arrival, the dyeing is quite unevenly and there are some irregularities in the printing (especcialy the cover) And since I didn't have the time to let the box dry, the black paint of the padding got sucked into the box, which is now black at some parts :( But hey, I was the only one who noticed all of that and my girlfriend was really happy with it so that's what counts in the end!

    The ring
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  2. emielrombach
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    The first 3 prototypes on the left and the final ring on the right
  3. emielrombach
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    The closed box
  4. emielrombach
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    The open box with the ring inside
  5. emielrombach
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    The earrings underneath the double bottom
  6. emielrombach
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    The whole collection
  7. duann
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    Woah, that is sweet, well done.
  8. jrey
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    It seems we had very similar ideas!

    However I ended up not making the box because of the cost to effect ratio. I didn't think of putting the earrings under the ring which would have reduced the size/cost.

    Turned out pretty cool!
  9. JoostDenissen1
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    Dear Emiel,

    Thanks for your post and for the pictures.
    The silver earrings looks great.

    I have just send you a email about the violet pictures. Please check that email.

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    Thanks everyone! :)

    @jrey: Actually, I didn't want to make a box myself. At first I only wanted to make the ring, but I was having a hard time finding a nice ring box and while looking for one, I came up with the idea of the earrings and the double bottom, so that kinda forced me to it :) I like your box too by the way, I came nowhere near boxes looking that nice. You're obviously a better Googler than I am ;)

    @JoostD: I've sent you a reply. Shapeways' customer service keeps amazing me! :eek:
  11. jrey
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    I did do some google searches but it was a really awkward item to search for. I ended up going to Hobby Lobby and just getting one of their decorative boxes. They have a whole shelf of different sizes and styles.