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  1. skatersollie
    skatersollie New Member
    Modeling BBQ Pit the traditional one where you put in charcoals..=)

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  2. CharGyse
    CharGyse New Member
    Haha! I was totally thinking about the feasibility of doing one of those while wondering around a supermarket yesterday!
  3. skatersollie
    skatersollie New Member
    You should make one too...we can compare notes.!

    What I have so far....
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  4. skatersollie
    skatersollie New Member
    Anyone know which would be the best option for creating "nuts and bolts" or to attach a moving part? I'm thinking whether i should make the cap part for the vent holes move or stationary...What I don't know is whether I should get it printed with the bolt attached together as one piece or have the nut and bolt separate pieces and have them actually thread together... I don't know if this would be possible because of the minimum wall thickness requirement... Print in FUD?? would it break?? I want to print the bbq in small scale..not more the maybe between 2.5" - 3.5" in scale..
  5. skatersollie
    skatersollie New Member
    Finished it.... =)

    The only problem is get error when i upload with texture... =( otherwise it uploads correctly. Anyone know of a good program to use for texture? or precedures to use?