Avengers Logo Pendant

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    Received my latest Shapeways order in the mail not an hour ago, and just finished an impromptu photoshoot with the contents. There were several test pieces which will probably be of interest to certain Shapers, but I had to post this first.

    Based on the logo for Marvel's 2012 film "The Avengers", a pendant to show your support for Earth's mightiest heroes! Ring measures 1.5" (38.1 mm) in diameter. Rear-mounted loop accepts a standard ball chain.

    Avengers Logo Pendant in Stainless Steel

    IMAG0320 - 800x478.jpg
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  2. PeregrineStudios
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    Pretty cool! I actually just finished one myself (wish I'd known you'd already done one, it could have helped with some trickier elements) - I think I like yours better to be honest :rolleyes:
  3. Action_N
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    Why thank you! :D