AVAILABLE FOR HIRE - Product/Mechanical Designer for all your design needs[in Waterloo, Ontario]

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  1. SamarthMK
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    Hello Designer and CAD-er community.

    A problem which most new hardware projects/startups face is having a beautifully, well designed product with a rich and unique feel.
    I have 3 years of CAD experience, and am now willing to implement those skills in order to help you build one of the most beautilful products you need in order to help you become profitable(or) have the best experience with it.

    Reach me on samarth.kochhar@gmail.com

  2. WLam
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    I am trying to have a prototype created for a device I designed, maybe using 3D printing. Attached are the 2D drawings in PDF. They are created in Visio. The requirements are described, including some of spots where precision is needed. The material can be hard plastic, or something in that nature. It is a beverage flow control system. Do you think it can be produced in Shapeway facility to satisfactory manner? Are you available to create the 3D files? If it helps I can provide the original Visio file, or export to AutoCAD format (dwg). Thanks.

    Wai Lam

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  3. SamarthMK
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    I do apologize, but your messsage came onto my email account, now I have looked at your files, I will definitely be able to design your parts.

    Once I am half way through, I will get back to you with a review package, updating you with how the project is going. I dont think this project will take more than 2 weeks, if you are ok with that, I am ready, and I can start the designs.

    My email, again is samarth.kochhar@gmail.com


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  4. stonysmith
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    With the exception of ceramics, none of the Shapeways materials are certified to be food-safe.
  5. WLam
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    Thanks for the info. While they are not certified to be food safe, they are not toxic or carcinogenic right? I am only using it as a prototype and I will be the only one trying it out.