Any update on non-UPS shipping options?

Discussion in 'Customer Service' started by FoxholeAtheist, Aug 4, 2011.

  1. FoxholeAtheist
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    I've not yet ordered anything from Shapeways, though I'm fascinated by the concept and am trying to come up with ideas for my first model. Having said that, I just found out that UPS is the only shipping method supported. I'm in Canada, and I'm afraid that this restriction will keep me from ordering anything through Shapeways, as UPS charges insane brokerage fees for items coming into the country. I do understand that I will have to pay Canada Customs, and I'm fine with that, but I'm not going to pay UPS $50+ just for handling an overseas package when Canada Post will do the same thing for $5.

    So... is there any update on the possibility of using other shippers?

  2. FoxholeAtheist
    FoxholeAtheist New Member
    OKie. I'm going to take the non-response on this to be a "negative".

    Constructive feedback: The UPS-only shipping option is a dealbreaker for me, and I imagine it's the same for other Canadians. I've never ordered 3D "prints", but I've spent a lot of time discussing pocket knives online, and have heard too many tales of UPS charging $50+ brokerage fees on $70 orders to risk it.

    There are competitors to your service based in the US who will ship to Canada via USPS. I prefer the layout of your site, and the materials you offer, but I'm going to have to go with your competition until you offer more shipping options.


  3. kfisher
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    Hey Jason -

    Thanks for reaching out. My apologies for not getting back to you sooner - just got brought on a week ago to start addressing some of these issues - and still trying to take in all the information.

    In response to your question - I'm very aware of these Canadian handling fees - and providing additional shipping options is something we're working towards. Right now, we're in the process of getting the US distribution up and running (where Canadian orders ship from). Once the system is completely operational, we'll be addressing other issues. I can't say it's going to happen tomorrow, but I can say it's on my short list of changes to address, and would be happy to keep you informed with any updates from inside.




    Team Lead Distribution, Shapeways US
  4. FoxholeAtheist
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    Hi Kegan,

    Thanks for the reply. I'll keep an eye on the site (and the Facebook feed)!

    Must be exciting being in your first week with something like this... I find the whole business fascinating.

    Thanks again,

  5. afrodri
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    I'm in the US so I wasn't aware of this, but I've started getting complaints from customers (or rather, would be customers) who say Shapeways is a non-starter because of the UPS shipping fees.

    Any progress on this would be great.
  6. aricnorine
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    Having a USPS option would be a big help for us Canadians, hopefully it can be worked out. I'd definitely order more from Shapeways if UPS didn't penalize me $40 for each order.

  7. VectorBoy
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    Agreed, it's really tough to justify orders when UPS essentially doubles the cost of anything I make.

    I ordered two sets of cufflinks, which set me back $40 in shapeways, but ended up being another $55 in UPS brokerage fees.

    I dread to think what my silver ring is going to cost me next week.

    Even FedEx doesn't charge insane amounts for importing. It seems to be a UPS exclusive 'Canada tax'.
  8. snavon
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    I know everything was already said here,
    But I want to support the option for the use of regular post office shipping or at least with FEDEX since their commission is not as high as UPS.
  9. afrodri
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    and, since the change in rates, I've gotten a lot of complaints from potential customers in New Zealand and Australia about the lack of options. They are more than willing to trade-off delivery time for cost, but don't have the option. :(
  10. matt_atknsn
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    Nothing more to add to what has been said in this thread :(
  11. duann
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    Sorry all,

    No news yet, we will inform as soon as we have a solution or a timeline.

  12. shelldrake
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    I'm in the same boat as the others - the cost of a $4 model being shipped to Australia for $19.95 (minimum) if preventive for me to buy any thing.

    Maybe a system where instead of checking out the seller can get back to the customer with a quote on the shipping costs would work better until this problem is worked out?

    After receiving the quote the customer has the option of going ahead with the order or not.
  13. wxs
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  14. ana_xyz
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    Hey there guys,

    Since the conversation started last August, we've implemented Uservoice as a way to collect and prioritize community requests. Since this seems to be something a lot of you feel strongly about, I'd suggest entering it into Uservoice, and trying to rally others to get it voted up.

    The more votes it gets, the easier it will be for me to make the case to my team that we've should look into other options. ;)

  15. wxs
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  16. shelldrake
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  17. kfisher
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    Guys I know this has been on the burner for a long time, and it's a change I badly want to see. There's a variety of reasons we haven't introduced a second option yet - but most of it boils down to there are so many things we are trying to do to drive cost down, and push speed up that there just aren't enough Dev hours in the day. For me, this is at the top of my priority list, and I am doing all I can to get it up and running for Q1 of next year. In addition- we'll also be launching a pick up option that will allow you guys to swing by, meet the team, grab your goods, and save on shipping. Promise I haven't forgotten you, and as Ana said, the louder the rumble, the more I can push.
  18. Kaoschallenged
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    I have seen the comments about the costs too In my Yahoo Wargaming Groups I run and on the TMP website. It seems to one of the two biggest complaints and reasons why people don't want to order. Robert
  19. coolbutpointless
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    I want to add my story to help make a case for alternate shipping methods to UPS.

    UPS botched pretty well every step of the delivery of my most recent order.

    First one I can forgive them for because my apartment number was left off the shipping label. Originally my package would have been delivered last Saturday but we'll let that part slide. So, I call after being notified the apartment number is missing and correct this on Saturday. No big deal.

    Tuesday rolls around(UPS doesn't do Sunday and they had Monday off as Christmas) and I await my package. Another problem. Oh, nope, wait, still the same problem that was corrected on Saturday.

    So, I call and correct it again while letting them know I already corrected it previously.

    Wednesday rolls around and I await the call that my the driver can't get in my building but is there(the buzzer on my building doesn't work so I posted a sign with my phone number on it for the guy delivering it). No call. Then it says a delivery attempt was made. Ok, maybe I just missed him and he didn't see the note I left. Info notice says a second attempt will be made by 10:30AM the following day.

    So, today, I sit outside starting at 9AM. I stay there until 11AM before going back to my apartment to check the tracking number. "A delivery attempt was made at 10:20AM"

    Bull. I was there. Outside. Freezing my ass off and growing more annoyed as the deliver by time came and went.

    So, I call the 800 number for UPS and make a complaint. The people there were really nice. They filed my complaint and forwarded it to the local processing center. The processing center calls me and says the guy is "coming back" and that I have to wait outside because he will be there in less than a minute because he is "just down the block".

    So, I thank them and go back outside. 15 minutes pass before the guy shows up. I walk over to his truck so he doesn't have to get out in the cold and immediately he gives me attitude.

    Swears up and down that he was there. That he left a new info notice(gee, where did it go? I checked for one in case somehow I *had* missed him. Nowhere to be seen). He says that he looked inside the lobby of my building. That he called my phone and left a message.

    All of his assertions being untrue(and me knowing since I was there). He then calls me a "damned liar" before telling me I'm "lucky" because he doesn't EVER come back to do a second attempt on the same day.

    Then he follows that with "but I'm not contradicting you. I was here. You weren't. I'm just saying."

    Essentially, at the very least on a local level(and it is NYC so it's expected to a level), UPS is rude and doesn't provide the service they claim to offer.

    Oh, also, my box was crushed in spite of it saying "FRAGILE - Please handle with care." Fortunately, Shapeways shipping department is AWESOME and my item arrived unscathed inside the crushed box(that bubble wrap stuff you guys use is reallllly protective, by the way!).

    Anyway, I just wanted to relay my story in hopes that other shipping methods will be offered. I'll be very hesitant to order again until alternate shipping methods are made available.
  20. wxs
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    While we're complaining: I ordered before the Christmas shipping deadline, and my package was scheduled to arrive on the 23rd. All day the 23rd the package did not arrive, I called UPS, and they said that they were now ready with the package, but were not doing shipping on the 24th, so I had to come in to their hub to pick up the package.

    Anyway I spend an hour and a half on Christmas eve commuting to the suburbs of Montreal, and when I get there they say that they can't give me the package as it's "locked in a trailer" and that the person on the phone should never have told me to come in. Further, they would not be able to deliver again until the 28th.

    The most frustrating part is, I know when the package eventually arrives they're going to charge me an additional $30+ for the pleasure of doing business with them..