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  1. Tjsolo
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    I will create a 3d model of just about anything that you need or want 3d printed. I will keep the cost low and based on what you can pay with in reason. I do try to work within anyone's budget where possible.

    I have created 3d printable files such as , Jewelry , I phone cases, Figurines, Computer parts, Car parts, washer and dryer replacement parts, RC parts, Toys of all kinds, even full color prints of statues, figurines. My skills and imagination are not limited :)

    After 4 years of creating 3d printable models, I can Guarantee 100% that you will be satisfied , and that your file will print without issue! I follow and have studied for years all of the printers specs and guidelines to a "T"

    Feel free to email me with your ideas at webcreatings@gmail.com

    View just a few things I have created https://www.shapeways.com/shops/solodesigns

    Image sent by a client of a 3d printed replacement stove knob that I created the model for
    Thanks for the image Doug :)
    3d printed replacement knob.jpg
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  2. batjoker
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    hi there i am looking for a 3d model of the batman begins cowl ,i want to get a print of it 1.1 scale .
    do you think you can help if so what info do you need and cost.
    i am new to this so dont really know.
  3. Tjsolo
    Tjsolo New Member
    I sent you a PM :)

    A recent project. Images shown , are from creation in the software to , the final print , and painted . A replacement custom Dodge Ram emblem.
    Dodge Ram Custom Emblem.jpg

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  4. Tjsolo
    Tjsolo New Member
    I Phone 4 case
    I Phone Case 4 .jpg
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  5. Tjsolo
    Tjsolo New Member
    Cartoon 2.jpg A basic project

    A basic/simple project
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  6. Tjsolo
    Tjsolo New Member
    Recent project for a client.
    Horse Mini.jpg

    Another Recent project chair printed in full color
    image (7).jpeg

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  7. futureforcon1991
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    I'm looking to get a quote for a miniature usable in D&D style games. I was wondering if I could get two quotes, one for less complex and another for more complex. (and maybe a bit of a definition on what you would define as more or less complex) Including the designing of the item (I'm not really good with any medium to give you an image). Please let me know with a rough estimate, thank you
  8. jwhittner
    jwhittner New Member
    Tim - since there doesn't seem to be any review system in shapeways yet (hint, hint customer service people) I wanted to write here to thank you for helping turn my sketches into a fantastic 3D model. You were very responsive to my edits and questions and made the entire process of submitting a 3D image (that was ready to print) painless. I would (will) definitely use you again!

  9. Tjsolo
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    Les Paul WSF.jpg
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  10. Tjsolo
    Tjsolo New Member
    A recent project, Showing the created 3d file of these drums , to the actual printed project.

    Drums 3d file and then the actual print.jpg

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  11. Tjsolo
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    A recent project for a client , they where very pleased with the modeling and shapeways full color sandstone print.
    to see the model before printing click here http://shpws.me/np6Z
    here is the image they sent me after being printed. This is a scaled down model of they're new office building. made into a hollow piggy bank :)
    PA Building.jpg
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  12. Mdezyn
    Mdezyn New Member

    You are great to work with! Extremely friendly, prompt, professional and reasonably priced. Your work is AWESOME! You definately set the bar for all Modelers to gauge themselves by.....THANK YOU for your great work - you will get a lot of projects from me!!! You should add to our title posting Fun & Friendly!!

  13. Tjsolo
    Tjsolo New Member

    Pendant 2.png
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  14. Dante66
    Dante66 New Member
    Hello T.J., I need some help making some 3d models of some characters from this cartoon comic I created and I'm trying to get it published into an actual animated cartoon. I just need some real good solid 3d models of eight of the main characters, the models can be 4inches. Please email back and tell how much I need to pay for eight 4inched models, Thanks email back at Carltondowdell32@yahoo.com
  15. Tjsolo
    Tjsolo New Member
    Hey I just sent you an email :)

    Recent Project

    Created model in 3d software
    Angel 4.png

    3d Printed
    Angel 17.jpg

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  16. scttrhda
    scttrhda New Member
    Hi TJ, I am in need of a 1/6 scale head for an action figure, if you are interested, please pm me for more details.

  17. Dante66
    Dante66 New Member
    Ok I have some have great detailed sketches of them already in color I'll send over. Thanks!!
  18. Dante66
    Dante66 New Member
    Sorry I sent soooo many dude my computer would let me send the whole file so I had to send each of them separately. rs The two boys in the black hood and grey bat hat are the main characters and the rest of them are side main characters :D
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  19. Tjsolo
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    Recent Work :)
    Golf Ball.jpg
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  20. Tjsolo
    Tjsolo New Member
    Skull Mask
    Skull Mask Flames  3.jpg
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