3d Modeler & Sculptor (anime Figure) Commission!

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  1. Bridget99
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    Hi there! I'm looking to have someone make a anime figure of my original character. If someone who has experience with sculpting it or 3d model (3d print them?)

    Figure would be 7 inches tall.

    I would be also looking to have the same person do 5 other figures too in the same nature (possibly at a later date)

    (Have more pictures to show for who takes up the commission. Let me know your cost range.)

    Thank you! Email contact is princessbridget1999@hotmail.com

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  2. Ronin_fang
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    Am interested if i have time for another project ....for some strange reason i cant seem to post my online portforlio....eeer
    whats your email? ill just send my online portforlio link via email
  3. Bridget99
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    Sorry I should've included my email in the first post, I'll change that. It's princessbridget1999@hotmail.com
  4. Ronin_fang
    Ronin_fang Active Member
    sent email ^^
  5. AYBrett
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    Hi there!
    I would love to assist you in creating this character. I have had experience modeling characters in the past and am great with painting models as well. I am also currently trying to create ball-joint dolls for my business. If interested please let me know;

    Give me your budget and deadline and that's it! I will give you my rate of pay and let you know if it is workable.

    Thank you and I wish the best!

    Annie (Anita) from Anita's Fine Arts

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