3D Modeler needed for sci-fi wargame project

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    I'm currently looking for a 3D modeler interested in doing up some work for a miniature sci-fi wargame I'm developing. I actually have a lot of the background material, rules, and game mechanics already finished; but need someone who can turn my 2D artwork into a 3D model for production. At the moment, I'm mostly in need of individual solder and character models done, but would like to expand into vehicles and other larger pieces

    I'm going to be honest, I don't have a lot of funds available for this, but I'm willing to work out some sort of deal with a modeler if these things make it to the public. I do have experience in the wargames industry, but no background in the production side of things.

    If people want, I can PM them with more information or perhaps post about the game here. Either way, send me a message if you want or need anything!

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    Just to give people an idea as to the overall design and theme of the models to be represented in the game, below are a few concept pieces I had made up a few years ago for the game.

    New Avalon Commonwealth Armsman with Auto Cannon

    New Avalon Commonwealth Armsman with Sniper Rifle

    Progressive Alliance Executioner

    Progressive Alliance Defender War Droid
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    PM sent
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    Thanks for all the replies, everyone. I've found someone who can do the work for me, but will keep a list of everyone who replied in case I have some extra work in the future.

    Thanks again!