3D Modeler Needed for 1:18 Scale Weapons

Discussion in '3D Design Requests' started by falcone, Nov 4, 2011.

  1. falcone
    falcone New Member
    I am in need of a 3D modeler to model weapons to be made in 1:18 scale. They will be semi-detailed and will need slight alterations to meet Shapeway's minimum size measurements. For example, barrels and sights may need to be thickened. The amount of weapons I would like to do depends on cost. If you are interested, let me know how much for each weapon. The weapons will be sub machine guns and rifles.
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  2. accushape3d
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    Pm sent!
  3. rangio
    rangio New Member
    hi! check if this kind of thing suit to your needs.
    I've posted it as a reply to another user asking a similar request just 5 minutes ago :eek:
    it's an smg
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  4. rangio
    rangio New Member
    btw. I have to say I do not need to reproduce any piece via 3dprinting. I just print the original and then recast it a number of times using polyurethane. comes moldeld in color if you wish.
    you can see this chicken as a reference, I've made an hundred of these. :D

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  5. ionel_1983
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    PM sent
  6. falcone
    falcone New Member
    To all who have replied. Thank you, but I am no longer in need of a 3D modeller.