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  1. omniavanitas
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    hi there,
    I would love to introduce my 3D printed dress to you!
    I realized it for my graduate collection getting support by a german 3d company called 3D ACTIVATION.
    The collection is featured in the famous Muuse x vogue talents award.
    could you help me to get more votes and show the world the impressive beauty and never ending possibilities of 3d printing?
    best regards!

    see the whole collection and vote here:
    http://www.muuse.com/?utm_source=muusecom&utm_medium=bil lboard&utm_campaign=voguetalents2013&utm_content=vot enow#!vogue2013/163-pia-hinze




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  2. ThreeForm
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    Very beautiful work!

    You got my vote.

    Thank you for sharing this with us.