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    After designing for more than 7 years and have the honour of working with big (Hasbro, Tesla, Source3) and small companies I must say the most rewarding thing is to see the persons face light up when they get the item they envisioned. Hello, my name is Jordan I am a designer with a passion for 3D printing; I started right from college designing here on Shapeways. I have designed anything and pretty much everything but I am a specialist in design cosplay weapons and other cosplay items, I have a shop on ETSY where most of my items are cosplay and anything labelled as nerdy. A Little background about me I am a former Customer Support manager so I know that it is the customers that make the business. I have a 95% successful turnaround and for anyone not happy with my results I have a money back guarantee. My prices are fair and based on the details of the object you are creating. I do not turn away anyone and will take projects big or small; so contact me today and let us see how we can create that object you always wanted!

    Check out some of my other project here on Shapeways or at www.jdfantasy.com
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    Hello. I was wondering if you could help me in creating 3D drawings for download to Shapeways for a N scale 73' Centerbeam flat railcar and external refrigeration unit for an N scale shipping container ASAP. I have pics and the dimensions for each of these. Please let me know if you're interested.
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    I would love to email me the pictures at jd@jdfantasy.com and I will be able to give you a quote.
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    Just finished designing these ships!

    Looking for Designers; you are in luck because I am ready!

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