2D to 3D design smaller than 30mm in width

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  1. jake_shenker
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    Hi all, I've got a very simple 2D design and I've used the Shapeways tool to convert it to 3D. However, Shapeways will not let me go smaller than 30mm in width, and my object needs to be 19mm. Is there a way to do this? .PNG of my image is attached.



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  2. stonysmith
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    I'm always in favor of using a hammer to get the job done. <grin>
    Design it at 57mm and 3 times thicker than you need.
    Download the model to your desktop and use Netfabb Basic to shrink it by 66%, giving you the 19mm you're after.
  3. jake_shenker
    jake_shenker New Member
    This worked absolutely perfectly, thanks a LOT for the tip!