1:144 scale WW1 airplane models

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    Hi everyone - while web surfing a while back to see if anyone was producing a 1:144 scale Morane Saulnier N, I came to a website called SHAPEWAYS. SHAPEWAYs is a co-op that uses a 3D printer to create custom models. I found 2 designers in the SHAPEWAYS for 1:144 scale WW1 airplanes.



    These are produced on demand when you order. I ordered some about 3 weeks ago, and they arrived today.

    These models are great! I got a good assortment, and think every one them is worth getting.

    Here is what I ordered:

    from the WOW shop (these come with the flight stand peg)
    1/144 Sopwith Triplane
    1/144 Bristol F2B
    1/144 Airco DH.2
    1/144 Sopwith 1 1/2 Strut
    1/144 Halberstadt D.II
    1/144 Morane L
    1/144 Nieuport 28

    From Kampfflieger (no peg, I will add the Litko adapter)
    Fokker EIV & pilot 1/144t
    Morane Saulnier N & pilot
    Hanriot HD1 (twin gunned)
    RAF F.E.2.B
    Hansa Brandenburg D.I ea
    Siemens Schuckert DIV 1/1

    The pusher models are especially nice! The plastic is a tad more flexible than the WOW models, but seems up to rigors of wargaming. I have made most of these models before from the existing Skytrex or Reviresco kits, and I must say this is preferable! These come as a ONE PIECE casting, the only assembly is to glue on the prop. The plastic is not slick, so should take paint quite well. They also make planes from the Flight of Giants expansion. I will get a couple now that I have seen the quality of the smaller (and cheaper) models.
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    I think you got you makers backwards.