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tomservo commented on Upscaled Bot Head by tomservo
August 4, 2019
Upscaled Bot Head
tomservo @MaxFrey Looks awesome!
tomservo commented on Tom Puppet Mini by tomservo
May 23, 2019
Tom Puppet Mini
tomservo @studioskinner Would you mind of I posted this photo to my Instagram?
tomservo @studioskinner Holy Cow! That's amazing! Did you point them in my direction? Also, did Tom's head fall off?
tomservo @Bigfoot_123 Awesome! That reminds me, I should probably post a stand for Crow. I made a stand for mine out of Lego.
tomservo @GamorreanJedi That looks great man! I'm gad you like him! How's he getting along in the sandcrawler?
tomservo @trailwaywalker They're definitely not the same size as the Shout Factory ones. These scale well with six inch action figures though, so I think that they look good on a toy self.
tomservo @trailwaywalker At this scale, the clear detail is actually a little milky. I recommend getting him in a solid color
tomservo commented on Sixshot Wing Toppers by tomservo
May 17, 2019
Sixshot Wing Toppers
tomservo @RoboW4rrior98 There was a silver material, but it was discontinued by Shapeways. It didn't match very well anyway. It's not too hard to find a model paint or paint marker that comes close. I hadn't updated this listing since a few things changed, so I opened up a few new materials. Any of them should work, depending on your preferences.
tomservo @paulcook1983 Sorry about the inconvenience. Be sure you've cleared out any extra material from the holes that was left over from the printing process. If that doesn't work, if you have a sharp knife, try shaving down the inner walls of the hole. After that, try working them on with a wiggling motion and tap them against a table top to work them on. You should be able to get them to wedge on with friction, so you don't need to use any glue. If none of that works, let me know.
tomservo @simofash31 Thanks! You can now order them in Metallic Plastic. It's silver, but you still might need to paint them to get them to match your custom. For my own, I used WSF Polished and painted them.
tomservo @tfyaujta Awesome! I'm glad you like them!
tomservo commented on Constructo Blaster (5mm Peg) by tomservo
November 23, 2018
Constructo Blaster (5mm Peg)
tomservo @jrosar32 Ok! It's up. By my measurements, the pegs on Scavenger's arms are 4mm, so that's what I did. I have the American release, but from what I've seen, they're the same as the Japanese there.
tomservo @jrosar32 hey. I never got back to you. I don't see why not. I'll let you know if I post it.
Back for a limited time, Snake Tapebot1- S0901
tomservo commented on Crow Puppet Mini by tomservo
November 29, 2017
Crow Puppet Mini
tomservo @GamorreanJediBut I do have bases for them!
tomservo @trailwaywalker I think mine are only a little smaller than the Shout Factory ones. If you let me know exact height of the Tom, I can figure out how tall Crow needs to be to match up.
tomservo @trailwaywalker in theory, it would be as simple as just scaling up the model. At that point little issues might pop up that arent a problem st this scale. Of course the cost will go way up too. I'm willing to give it a shot. Are you making a 12" scaled set?
tomservo commented on Bass Goggles by tomservo
September 10, 2017
Bass Goggles
tomservo @Wheeljack66 That susks! What material did you order it in? It's an older model, so tolerances might have changed since then.
Check out this cool product! - Assassin Robot Head
Check out this cool product! - Uncle Special for 3 3/4" Figures
tomservo commented on Bass Meter by tomservo
December 2, 2016
Bass Meter
tomservo @stonecld maybe, but a lot of detail would be lost that small. What figs would you be using it with?
tomservo It's about 1/12. All of the GB Gear here is designed to work with the 6 inch Mattycollector figures. Thanks for your interest.
tomservo commented on Bass Trap Pedal by tomservo
March 24, 2016
Bass Trap Pedal
tomservo @stonecld This is scaled to the Mattycollector figures. That makes them about 1/12.
tomservo commented on Scorpion Tapebot by tomservo
July 26, 2015
Scorpion Tapebot
tomservo @BackToLife That is an impressive Soundwave collection you've got there! I'm glad that one of my scorpions can be a part of it. Yeah, a little sanding is to be expected in complex models printed in WSF of WSF polished. As for the legs, they are designed to be assembled with axles made from paper clips or big safety pins. Once those are in, you shouldn't have any problems with him falling apart.
tomservo @skyfire I'm so sorry I never replied to you. That looks great! (I swear SW doesn't always tell me when I get a comment. :/ )
tomservo commented on Mane Six #3 - Rarity by SFADathasholly
January 18, 2015
Mane Six #3 - Rarity
tomservo Extremely cool.
tomservo commented on Portal Gun - Barrel by carlywight
January 9, 2015
Portal Gun - Barrel
tomservo Any pics of the assembled gun?
tomservo commented on Dual Gun Tape by tomservo
January 3, 2015
Dual Gun Tape
tomservo @skyfire I can't believe that I didn't respond to that! I'm so sorry! They look great. Thanks so much!


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