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3D modeler, Designer, Product designer, Maker
Hi,My focus has been on designing EDC Tools and Jewellery with an element of functionality. I hope you like my work find it of interest.

Tofty favorited BIC 4 Colour - Redesign by Synio
October 16, 2016
Tofty commented on US10 Ring III by Tofty
August 22, 2016
US10 Ring III
Tofty @gvsomu Here you are:
Tofty @gvsomu Hi, A US11.5 sized Ring III model is now up on Shapeways:
Tofty commented on US6 Ring XVII: Tritium by Tofty
July 26, 2016
US6 Ring XVII: Tritium
Tofty @IknowImWeird Hi, The US4.5 model is now up on Shapeways: Yes it had to loose a vial, to leave 3.
Tofty @freddyss Hi, yes I can, although it will take me a few days. I'll let you know when it's done. Cheers
Tofty commented on US7 Ring XX: Tritium by Tofty
June 12, 2016
US7 Ring XX: Tritium
Tofty @josh83 Yes, I think the 1.5x6mm vials would look wrong in this ring. I can try and make a different version of the ring, more suited to the smaller vials if you wish. Let me know if this is the correct size. Cheers
Tofty commented on US8 Ring IX: Tritium by Tofty
June 8, 2016
US8 Ring IX: Tritium
Tofty Hi @Tron, Unfortunately, the Ring II is an obsolete design and isn't really available. The band was 4mm thick, which for most people would have been unwearable. I'm not even sure if Shapeways would print it, as they have changed their policy on how parts can be joined together. Also drilling and tapping silver, for the screws, is not a process I would like to repeat. I could have a go at designing a ring similar to the Ring II, but with a single piece design, thinner band and more protected vials. More like the ring in the attached render. Let me know if you're interested. Cheers
Tofty commented on US14 Ring VI: Tritium by Tofty
May 3, 2016
US14 Ring VI: Tritium
Tofty @Neeshee Unfortunately, both the Ring II and Ring VI are obsolete designs and shouldn't really be considered available. I'm not even sure if Shapeways would print this ring VI model, as they have changed their policy on how parts can be joined together. Also the drilling and tapping of the silver, for the screws, is not a process I would like to repeat.
Tofty commented on US14 Ring XIX: Tritium (Silver) by Tofty
March 1, 2016
US14 Ring XIX: Tritium (Silver)
Tofty @marinalocust Hi, the ring II isn't really available, as it has some serious issues. It would cost a great deal, due to it's multi-part construction, it's 4mm thick, so wouldn't be very comfortable to wear and the vials don't have enough protection, compared to some of the other rings. It was the first tritium ring I designed and I like to think I've made considerable progress since. Let me know if you'd like to discuss the creation of a different ring, with vials all the way around the band. Cheers, Tofty
Tofty commented on Tritium Lantern 2A (Stainless Steel) by Tofty
March 1, 2016
Tritium Lantern 2A (Stainless Steel)
Tofty @manmna Hi, the light sticks can be found on this site: They can also be found on UK ebay: Many of the sellers will ship internationally, so search around for the best price, including postage. Hope that helps, Cheers, Tofty
Tofty @hankyul33 More often than not it's just a small high point that needs to be removed, rather than the entire hole needing to be drilled to a larger diameter. A few seconds with a mini file will usually remove these high or rough spots. The tritium vials themselves can be an issue as they vary is size somewhat. I suppose my advise would be not to buy if you're not confident in doing this. The Lantern 2A however doesn't suffer from this problem. It's the Lanterns 1B, IC, 1D, 4A and 4B which can have this problem, due to their internal shape.
Tofty commented on US14 Ring XXI: Tritium (Silver) by Tofty
December 29, 2015
US14 Ring XXI: Tritium (Silver)
Tofty @freddyss Yes, it's available here: However, that model is only for plastics, brass, bronze and silver. If you want a stainless steel version let me know and I'll make it available in the required size. Cheers
Tofty @prototyper01 Hi, the small 2x6mm tritium vials can only easily be found on UK ebay:
Tofty @gofor_android13 US6 sized versions of the ring XXI are now up. For printing in the steel material: For printing in silver, brass or bronze:
Tofty All the ring sizes for the XXI are now up on Shapeways, from size US5 to US14.5, in half sizes.
Tofty @gofor_android13 I'll add this model by the end of the day.
Tofty commented on Star Driver Tool 1 by Tofty
November 24, 2015
Star Driver Tool 1
Tofty @Mattyk I've remade the model with a T20 torx instead of the original T25. It can be found here:
Tofty commented on US10 Ring XXI: Tritium (Silver) by Tofty
November 18, 2015
US10 Ring XXI: Tritium (Silver)
Tofty @spectergraphical Yes certainly
Tofty All the ring sizes for the XXI are now up on Shapeways, from size US5 to US14.5, in half sizes.
Tofty @raffik12 Just let me know which specific size you would like and I'll make it available as soon as possible.
Tritium Lantern 2A (Silver/Brass/Plastic)
Tofty @prototyper01 Hi, try these places for the 3x22.5mm tritium vials: Mixglo. . (he also sells the Norland 61 adhesive, I recommend using). The vials can also be found on UK ebay. . So can the adhesive. . This UK based shop also sells the right tritium vials. . Hope that helps. Cheers
Tofty @eckron5 This listing is for the lantern body only and does not include a tritium vial. If you are interested in an assembled version of the lantern, with tritium installed, then please send me a private message, with the specifications you would like and I can give you a quote.
Tofty @jlaws I have only done testing with the largest tritium lantern I've ever made, which held six 5x80mm tritium vials. The detected counts per minute, with the lantern right next to a Geiger-Muller tube, went up to just around double that of background. Since this very large lantern contained around 60 times the amount of tritium as a 3x22.5mm vial, I would suspect that these single vial lanterns are completely undetectable, using even the most sensitive detention equipment.
Tofty @jlaws The tritium vials, needed to complete this lantern, are made up of a thin glass tube, sealed at both ends, with a phosphorescent coating on the inside of the glass and filled with tritium gas. The gas releases electrons, which energise the coating and that energy is then emitted as visible light. I'm not really sure what the output of the vials is in lumens. It will vary between colours, with green being the brightest option. Another issue is that since the vials get their energy from radioactive decay, the vial's output is constantly dropping as the tritium gas decays into hydrogen-3. Tritium has a half-life of 12.3 years, so after this time a tritium lantern will appear half as bright. I have never read about any quantified output figures for tritium vials, new or otherwise.
Tardis Lantern 1: Tritium (All Materials)
Tofty @dmertl Thanks, I'm glad you like it.
Tofty @vmennella I usually put a droplet of glue on the vial's tip then install that end into the lantern, then cover the other end, to seal it. You could just glue it at the bottom, but securing the vial at both ends is the more secure option.
Tofty commented on US14 Ring XVIII: Tritium by Tofty
April 25, 2015
US14 Ring XVIII: Tritium
Tofty @gofor_android13 A US6 sized version of the ring XVIII is now up, for printing in the steel material:
Tofty @gofor_android13 I'll have a size US6 version of this ring up later today.
Tofty commented on US8 Ring XXIII: Tritium by Tofty
April 13, 2015
US8 Ring XXIII: Tritium
Tofty @CKutschbach The 2x6mm tritium vials needed for most of my rings cost $9-10 each, plus shipping. They can be found for sale on UK ebay fishing shops, under the brand "Gardner".


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