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Macbook Pro Dock Cable (2x Thunderbolt & MagSafe)
TheKre8Group @djsharp67 hi, I don't know what to say, I sold hundreds of these over the years and all fitting issues (only 3 people reported an issue) had been resolved by gentle sanding. By how much the dock differed from the original Apple cable connectors?
TheKre8Group @djsharp67 , Bro, why did you sand the adaptor and not the 3D printed dock?
TheKre8Group @Airic47 that's up you to decide, you can connect any two thunderbolt wires, so yes two monitors would work. Mind you this adaptor has no impact on the configuration of you computer.
TheKre8Group @Airic47 there are many thunderbolt accessories, hard drives, displays, adaptors for all kinds of things. All the apple thunderbolt connectors are compatible.
TheKre8Group @boshx Hi, the USB request is very popular. and yes since all USB Cables are different it's impossible to make a single adapter to hold them all together. Let me see if I have an Apple USB cable in my big box of cables and i'll create the part if I do, I'll let you know otherwise. Thanks.
TheKre8Group @amc6131 Everything on Shapeways is 3D printed.
TheKre8Group @amc6131 Hi, It actually attaches itself to the cables. This adapter will transform the MagSafe and Thunderbolt cable(s) in a single cable. The cables are slotted in the adapter (it requires a bit of force), and held in place by surface-surface friction.
TheKre8Group @amc6131 Hi, Yes, however I'm not sure if it will help. The MagSafe provides the stability to the Thunderbolt connector, without it the adaptor would be as unstable as the standalone Thunderbolt connector. I can do it, but I think it would be a waste of your money, as it may not meet the intended function. Let me know if you still want it.
Macbook Pro Dock Cable Double (For MagSafe Adapter
TheKre8Group @cslaughter84 you point the L shoe towards the back instead of towards the front.
Macbook Pro Dock Cable (Thunderbolt & MagSafe)
TheKre8Group @nzlsnx Let me know what happens. Thanks. Happy we got a way forward on the issue.
TheKre8Group @nzlsnx Also Polyjet has a side with a Rounded edge and another with a sharp edge (depending how the technician oriented the part in the print) because of the support material used. As such one side is usually easier to put in than the other.
TheKre8Group @nzlsnx Hi, it is tight, I put mine against the edge of my desk and put my whole weight into it... otherwise the cables would be loose and it would defeat the purpose of the thing. i would use sandpaper instead of tools, tools might take off too much.
TheKre8Group @nzlsnx Hi, I just thought of something: you could use sand paper to make the holes slightly bigger so your cables fit in them. the 3D printing polyjet process is +/- 200um in the XY plane, so it wont be off by more than the thickness of a sheet of paper, it should take only a few sand paper strokes to make the holes big enough. Let me know how it works out.
TheKre8Group @nzlsnx Hi. Thanks for the feedback. We do sell a few Acrylic units a day and we never had a client say it didn't fit (we had issues with nylon in the past but we no longer offer that material). I myself have many acrylic units and they fit perfectly well. Note: We do have 2 differnt models a version for the Magsafe 1 and another for the Magsafe 1 to Magsafe 2 adspter, some clients have made that mistake in the past. (i'm not sure if it applies to you or not). Please take the issue to shapeways customer service, they will be able to guide you through what ever recourse you have at your disposal. I hope this helps. Thank you for your support and feedback.


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