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I started designing some custom keycaps for a little project I was creating and now I'm an obsessed 3D gadget creator!

Tasker commented on Customisable Cherry MX Keycap by Tasker
May 22, 2018
Customisable Cherry MX Keycap
Tasker Hi @yujirorasy thanks for letting me know about this. I've raised the issue with Shapeways.
Tasker commented on Topre Tentacles Keycap by Tasker
April 29, 2018
Topre Tentacles Keycap
Tasker @spiketusrex I'm sorry you weren't satisfied with your keycap. The title does clearly state that this is a Topre keycap, not Cherry MX and is not designed to fit Cherry-MX stems. If you are interested in custom Cherry MX keycaps there is a whole section of my shop dedicated to them https://www.shapeways.com/shops/gizmobazaar?section=Cherry+MX+Keycaps&s=0 You may also want to contact service@shapeways.com to see if they can help you with your mistaken order. I hope this doesn't put you off 3D printing!
This new kitsune mask keycap is now available! http://shpws.me/OOAS Kitsune Mask Cherry MX Keycap
I've been testing out a few tricks with the frosted detail plastics. This keycap encases some of the support material inside the plastic to give a cool hexagon grid effect! - http://shpws.me/OyKh Frozen Hex Cherry MX Keycap
Tasker commented on Cthulhu Cherry MX Keycap by Tasker
May 16, 2017
Cthulhu Cherry MX Keycap
Tasker Hi @corjas Thanks for commenting on the Cthulhu Keycap. Just in case @Bosk doesn't spot your comment: The material he tends to order and paint these days is Black High-Definition Acrylate (although he has painted some Frosted Detail caps in the past). I believe he uses acrylic paint and finishes the caps off with acrylic gloss varnish. You can find out more under "Keycaps" in the FAQ section of Bosk's site here: https://keypressgraphics.com/faq-2/ I hope that helps, if you have any more questions please feel free to comment or drop me a private message.
Tasker Hi @Bosk, thanks very much for the kind feedback! I've just converted this Cthulhu design to a topre version. You should be able to check it out here: http://shpws.me/J7Gp I am slowly working my way through my more popular Cherry MX designs and creating Topre versions, but if you have any favourites that you'd like to see as Topres then please feel free to let me know and I'll try to prioritise them.
Tasker commented on Kabuto Cherry MX Keycap by Tasker
April 10, 2017
Kabuto Cherry MX Keycap
Tasker Hi @soclose1993 thanks for ordering this keycap and for adding your question here. All of these Cherry MX keycaps have the same stem which is designed to fit as closely as possible with switches matching the Cherry MX dimensions. Shapeways' precious and semi precious metals (including brass and silver) have a similar accuracy to their "Strong & Flexible" plastic so you should find that they fit just as well on your keyboard as the plastic ones.
Check out the new Bone Piranha Keycap - http://shpws.me/NYV2 Bone Piranha Plant Cherry MX Keycap
To me 3D printing is all about everyone being able to create something of their very own. Why not try creating your own personalised custom Cherry MX keycap right here http://shpws.me/J6Qt Customisable Cherry MX Keycap
Waka waka waka! New ghost keycaps now available http://shpws.me/N1HT 8-Bit Ghost Keycap
Tasker commented on Scarab Cherry MX Keycap by Tasker
November 20, 2016
Scarab Cherry MX Keycap
Tasker Hi iN5Y, this keycap comes in a translucent frosted material. The photo above is of a custom paintjob done by keypressgraphics.com
I'm spending far too much time looking at the pretty light patterns coming from this sliced keycap... must get on with work! http://shpws.me/Mh8w Sliced Cherry MX Keycap
I love this picture of the polished brass Diver keycap that jdillon sent me alongside his "nantucket selectric" keyset. They compliment each other so well! http://shpws.me/KrEM Diver Helmet (For Cherry MX Keycap)
Cherry MX Keycaps now available in the awesome Black Hi-Def Acrylate material! Check out this racing tyre keycap http://shpws.me/Mcqy Cherry MX Tyre Keycap
Tasker commented on Cherry MX Skull Keycap by Tasker
May 5, 2016
Cherry MX Skull Keycap
Tasker @LiquidEvilGaming The "Strong & Flexible" plastics are as durable as any other plastic cap I've had. They are exactly as their name suggests! The "Frosted Detail" plastics don't have any flexibility (so don't go bending them!) but their strength is still great. I printed the skull keycap shown in the pictures over a year ago and it's still happily clicking away today.
Tasker @HUSH1994 The coloured plastics do allow a small amount of light through but it's certainly nothing like the frosted plastic that you can see in the pictures above. (Check out the pikachu keycap pictures to get an idea: http://shpws.me/CUNx). If you want the effect you can see above then I'd advise you print it in one of the frosted plastic materials and then use acrylic paint to cover the area around the skull.
Tasker @dr_charles Thanks a lot for the feedback, it's always nice to know people are enjoying me designs!
Tasker commented on Radioactive Cherry MX Keycap by Tasker
May 2, 2016
Radioactive Cherry MX Keycap
Tasker Hi @organicDABS420 I'm glad you love the keycap. I'm really sorry I didn't make it clear about the black section. I've copied the description across all the pictures of the painted version now so hopefully that'll save any future confusion. When I painted mine I just used some acrylic paints. I tend to use Games Workshop's "citadel" range but any acrylic paints used on miniatures should work fine. You might want to give it a little coat of varnish before and after to create a nice painting surface and then to protect your work. I hope that helps!
Tasker commented on Steampunk Cherry MX Keycap by Tasker
March 5, 2016
Steampunk Cherry MX Keycap
Tasker Hi @MehStrongBadMeh I'm really sorry to hear your keycap broke. Admittedly this design is quite intricate but it should stand up to a good amount of use. Was it one of the cogs that snapped or the stems? Any feedback you can give would be really helpful to improve the design.
Tasker commented on Piranha Plant Cherry MX Keycap by Tasker
January 19, 2016
Piranha Plant Cherry MX Keycap
Tasker Hi @SlobOnRob At the moment Shapeways only print this material in one colour at a time so you would have to order the individual parts in the "Duo" keycaps section of my shop.
Tasker commented on Piranha Plant Body Cherry MX Keycap by Tasker
October 9, 2015
Piranha Plant Body Cherry MX Keycap
Tasker @amos_luminous Thanks for the feedback, I'm glad you like the keycap!
Tasker commented on Jackson RR3 Guitar Miniature by Tasker
July 23, 2015
Jackson RR3 Guitar Miniature
Tasker @rdmeyersr Thanks. I believe the real thing is about 120cm in height, this model is about 7cm so I believe it's about 1:16 scale.
Tasker commented on Topre Small Fry Keycap by Tasker
February 22, 2015
Topre Small Fry Keycap
Tasker Thanks for the comment, I totally agree. Unlike my Cherry MX keycaps I don't actually have a Topre keyboard to test the Topre caps on. That's why they're currently in beta. Fortunately some people have been kind enough to try them out as a bit of a test and as soon as I get some feedback from them I'll hopefully be rolling out some more designs.


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