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3D modeler, Designer, Product designer, Artist, Maker

The Padawan chassis for 89Sabers ObiWan Ep4 are now available, either for 21700 or removable battery :) - 89Sabers - Obi Wan Ep4 - Padawan Var1
New Neopixel pogo-pin connector holders have been added to the Accessories section! - Neopixel pogo-pin connector holder (NWL)
New chassis release for Phoenix Props Starkiller ^^ - PP-TFU-SK1 - Padawan Var1 Lightsaber Chassis
The chassis for KR-Sabers' Thermal Detonator is now available!! Demo coming soon, it's pretty cool :D - KR-Sabers - Thermal Detonator Chassis Par1 (Edited)
Our Roman MKI (Obi) chassis has also been updated, and can now hold a Proffieboard with a 21700 battery, which makes a perfect chassis for neopixel install :) - Roman Props MK1 - Padawan Var 1
All the Graflex 2.5 chassis have been updated, ProffieBoard compatibility + a few design tweaks!! These chassis are compatible with 89Sabers Graflex too ;) - Graflex2.0 - Knight Chassis Variant 2 - Part2
The KR Flagship chassis has been updated and is now compatible with ProffieBoard, NB4 and Prizm5.1 :D - KRS Flagship - Master Chassis Part1
The chassis and crystal chamber for Roman Props Blance V4 is now available! - Roman Luke V4 - Part1 Main Chassis
Custom request - RPK Luke V2 Chassis
Rick_D_Ryo @harrismaynard Need to check this indeed, but the plan was to have a specific model for the Starkiller V2 as well. Please contact us on our Facebook pageto chase on this point. We're really busy at the moment but this is on our to to list :)
The Master and Padawan chassis are available for Rudy Pando's Luke V3 hilt - Luke V3 (R.Pando) - Master Chassis Part1 Var1
The Master Chassis for Phoenix Props "The Light" (Ben Solo TLJ) is now available! - Ben Solo - PP - Master Chassis Part1
Updated design for Roman Inception Master Chassis - Now compatible with ProffieBoard, with an updated Crystal Chamber assembly and able to hold a 28mm bass speaker and pogo-pin connector at the top.- Roman Props Inception - Master Chassis Part1 Var1 (Edited)
A new 1.24OD All.In.One Chassis for ProffieBoard and 21700 has been added to the shop, a slightly longer chassis for a longer run time! - ALL.IN.ONE - 1.24"OD - Lightsaber Chassis Var3
We are updating our chassis for Roman Inception. Now compatible with ProffieBoard and 28mm Bass Speaker! (Master chassis update coming soon as well)! - Roman Props Inception - Padawan Var 1
And the new promising soundboard "ProffieBoard" also gets its chassis for 1"ID hilts! - ALL.IN.ONE - 0.99"OD - ProffieBoard
GCM124-01-PZM - PRIZM PC3.5 + 18650 cell
Rick_D_Ryo @elmarco38 no, the adapter is for Prizm5.1 (this is an older Prizm4 chassis. You’d have to select a Prizm5.1 chassis for the adapter to work, like the new chassis in the 1.24”OD section.
The New Graflex Mentor Variant 2 chassis is now available! Best Graflex Chassis in the Galaxy with removable power pack for NeoPixel and compatible with ProffieBoard, check it out! - Graflex Mentor - Var2 Part01 - Blade Gen Style1 (Edited)
The chassis for the New KR-Sabers Luke V2 is now available! - KR Luke V2 - Lightsaber Chassis Var1
New All.In.One added for 1"ID hilts and I3 (or other NEC equivalent) installs! - ALL.IN.ONE - 0.99"OD - NEC-I3 V2
New adapter for ProffieBoard, allow to install it into the I3 slot of our existing chassis! (for upgrading saber builds from I3 to Proffie) - Adapter NEC I3 to ProffieBoard
The Padawan Chassis for Phoenix Props "The Light" (Ben Solo's Lightsaber) is now available! - Ben Solo - PP - Padawan Lightsaber Chassis
A removable battery chassis is now also available for the 89 Sabers Graflex kit. Ideal for Neopixel installs - Graflex 89Sabers - Padawan Var2 Lightsaber Chassis
New improved Padawan Chassis design available for the 89 Sabers / KR-Sabers Graflex saber kit! - Graflex 89Sabers - Padawan Lightsaber Chassis
We've just released the Master Chassis for the KRS Flagship! - KRS Flagship - Master Chassis Part1
KR-Sabers's Revenge / Darth Maul chassis is now avaialble! - KR-S Darth Maul - Lightsaber Chassis Var1


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