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replicaprops commented on Flash Ring Size 9 19mm by replicaprops
June 3, 2019
Flash Ring Size 9 19mm
replicaprops @zelvelasco No, look in the category that says opening flash ring
replicaprops @zelvelasco No, but there is a multipart version in my shapeways shop that does
replicaprops @zelvelasco In brass, it shrinks by about 0.5mm so that is a half size difference. I would go a half size up
replicaprops commented on Flash Ring size 8.5 18.5mm by replicaprops
March 19, 2019
Flash Ring size 8.5 18.5mm
replicaprops @kate_11 Not this one. Check my shop
replicaprops @Alyssadorantes
replicaprops @t_louis922 This ring is solid. If you want the other version that opens, check my shop. I have one model available that opens.
replicaprops @bebekka1It is universal I think. I don't think that chart specifies men or women. It is based on the diameter of the finger only.
replicaprops @bebekka1Unfortunatly, Anything under size 8.5 wont print.
replicaprops @bnbhayden Yes. The only part that is 3d printed is the wax model which is used for the mold. After they steam the way model from the mold, real molten metal is poured in. It is called investment casting, or lost wax casting.
replicaprops @ironeric3 You have to order them separate. Shapeways does not allow multiple items for metal in the same part number.
replicaprops @ironeric3
replicaprops @ironeric3 Check my shapeways shop. I have another one that does open. This one is always closed.
Reverse Flash Ring Size 9 19mm
replicaprops @CrimsonStorm Yes, shapeways accepts paypal. Shapeways 3d prints in wax. The wax is then submerged in a plaster like slurry. After the plaster dries, the wax is melted, leaving a mold of the ring. Then they melt brass or what ever metal you have ordered, and inject it in the mold. This process is called lost wax casting, or investment casting, and is centuries old.
replicaprops @CrimsonStorm Shapeways customers service is the ones you need to speak to, not me. I'm just the 3d designer.
replicaprops @butts21245 Yes, but it gets dirty quickly. I would paint it gold.
replicaprops @Vincentmyers98 I have an opening version in my shop. Check it out
V3 Reverse Flash Size 9.5 19.41mm
replicaprops @mz112687Not this one. Check my store for one that does
replicaprops commented on Flash Ring size 10 20mm by replicaprops
December 26, 2016
Flash Ring size 10 20mm
replicaprops @Cfisher99This is an older version. Check my shop, I have V3 now and it does.
replicaprops @ekul14Glad you like it. Looks good on you. Rob
V3 Reverse Flash Size 11 20.68mm
replicaprops @steve1712I added it for you
replicaprops @Greatkeyboard99 You are welcome, enjoy it.
replicaprops @Greatkeyboard99 Should be live in a few minutes. Here is the link.
replicaprops @Greatkeyboard99 You want USA size 10.5 then?
Man of steel command key (BEST VERSION)
replicaprops @Greatkeyboard99 Sure. Just put a hole in it with a drill bit
replicaprops @rnmultimedia5 I dont have any way of discounting for multiples. You are paying shapeways, not me. I am just the modeler.
replicaprops @rnmultimedia5 It won't print in silver
replicaprops @rnmultimedia5 There are lots of smart people in the forum who come up with great ideas. Here is the link.
replicaprops @rnmultimedia5 In steel you can sand it. It can't be printed in brass due to shapeways rejecting it for thin walls
replicaprops @ironmongeroh 7cm not inches. No, I am done modifying this model. This is the final version.
replicaprops @ironmonger 7 inches? where did you get that measurement?
replicaprops @ironmonger WIDTH HEIGHT DEPTH 2.562 cm 1.7 cm 9.512 cm
Custom Doctor Evil Ring v2 18.34mm Size 8 1/4
replicaprops @Boss_Tom Oh with out the medical symbol? Yes, that was the reason the first one did not print. Ill make that for you and upload it.
replicaprops @Boss_Tom I think that is smaller than shapeways can print. They already rejected it one time
Flash Ring Size 13 22.2mm
replicaprops @mascolo_tony No, the opening version is in my shop
replicaprops commented on V3 Regular Size 10.5 20.2mm by replicaprops
January 5, 2016
V3 Regular Size 10.5 20.2mm
replicaprops @platinumrelyks No, there is an opening version in my catalog, just click on visit shop
V2 Flash Ring Size 10.5, 20.20 mm
replicaprops @cooltechajay11 Yes, any jewelry store sells ring spacers. A professional jeweler can also resize it.
replicaprops @cooltechajay11 Post a photo of you wearing it here.
replicaprops @cooltechajay11 Glad you like it. I do have the version that opens in my shapeways shop.
V2 Reverse Flash Size 11 20.68mm
replicaprops @Zee420 The way i designed the opening version was to use common off the shelf hinges and magnets so the lid operates flawlessly and locks closed. Unfortunately the smallest I can go due to the limitations on hardware available is the size I currently offer. So unless someone makes smaller hinges, I can not go any smaller.
replicaprops @Zee420 There are 3 different versions. This one is V2 and does not open. The opening version is only available in 1 size and needs assembly.
replicaprops commented on 5th element belt buckle necklace by replicaprops
February 14, 2015
5th element belt buckle necklace
replicaprops @crystaljoy_martin Here is the full size belt buckle


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