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Oskar van Deventer


3D modeler, Designer
M. Oskar van Deventer is the creator of hundreds of innovative mechanical puzzle designs, several of which are commercially available.

Ultimate Reduction - a billion to one gearing
Oskar_van_Deventer @nottryingenough Please contact me about this via Thank you! Oskar
Jigsaw Cube is an actual mechanical puzzle that has eight cubic pieces that are connected like jigsaw pieces: Jigsaw Cube
Brambabble Block is a weird shape in between a cube and an octahedron: Brambabble Block
Brammed Block is a twisty puzzle with an unusual geometry that was shaped such to make it look like a cubic twististy puzzles as much as possible: Brammed Block
Ring Bracelet is a metal puzzle ring that can be used as bracelet with scrambled: Ring Bracelet - metal
Overdrive Cube is a twisty puzzle with eight segmment, four layers and a few gears. Because of the gears some layers sometimes turn together: Overdrive Cube
Not Bandaged is a doctrinaire twisty puzzle, despite its bandaged look: Not Bandaged
Magic Bagel is a twisty puzzle with sliding beads and gears: Magic Bagel
Weirder Cube is an even weirder doctronaire twisty puzzle, based on the Weird Cube below: Weirder Cube
Weird Cube is a doctrinaire twisty puzzle with a quite unusual geometry: Weird Cube
Bram's Sphere Inverted - Same geometry as Bram's Sphere, but different: Bram's Sphere Inverted
Helilabacus - Astrolabacus-style puzzle with sliding beads in helical grooves: Helilabacus
Pentalabacus - Astrolabacus-style twisty puzzle with a pentagonal cross-section: Pentalabacus
Beaded Ball: Combining twisty 2x2x2 with sliding beads and intersections: Beaded Ball
Stretchlabacus - Astrolabacus-style twisty puzzle with broken symmetry by stretching parts assymetrically. Extremely difficult: Stretchlabacus
Infinilabacus - Twisty puzzle with beads, shaped like the "infinity" symbol: Infinilabacus
Tritangle is a folding piece of kinetic art, illustrating geometry: Tritangle
Tanglelabacus combines the classic Astrolabacus puzzle with the equally classic Tangle toy: Tanglelabacus
Twisted Donut is another piece of kinetic art that twists from a donut shape to straight and back: Twisted Donut


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