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Custom Perfect Cell Inspired Headpiece for Lego
nirvager @Vichodsc123It comes in all white or whichever color you purchase, the detailing will have to be done by hand. I believe in you! Painting is not as hard as it may seem!
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March 14, 2017
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February 17, 2017
Custom Headcrab (Full Color) Inspired for Lego
nirvager @Janultra Wow!!! I'm It looks very nice! How does it fit on the head? Too tight/ too loose?
Custom IMC Pilot Inspired Helmet for Lego
nirvager @Xenockmade available in the detail options, let me know of you need any other items made available in these materials
Custom Tracer Overwatch Inspired Hair for Lego
nirvager @Betajason01 started it a while ago, just haven't finihsed it, will have it done in the coming months
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June 16, 2016
Custom Inkling Boy Inspired Figure for Lego
nirvager @Enkeybo
Custom Steven Universe Inspired Hair for Lego
nirvager added to my to-do list
Check out this cool product! - Nightmare Fredbear Lego Mask and Suit
Custom Frieza 1st Form Inspired Headpiece for Lego
nirvager @Knightriderx882 so all frieza froms are done but I have yet to place my test print order, also I have been inspired to make the fan based 5th and 6th and so on forms... maybe... lol... post a pic of the other fan based form of frieza that would be cool
nirvager @Knightriderx882 I was planning on eventually doing all forms, in 2 weeks i could probably have them all done but that would be if you were to order the frosted detail material, if you wanted to order them all in a more expensive material then add in the the time it takes for me to get them test printed and that varies from 2-3 weeks so in whole about 1-2 month wait, also note that ordering them in a pack does not make them any less expensive. When you order a bunch of items, shapeways will print them all in the same machine in a single session so sometimes your entire order becomes a "pack". Though, if you wait for them all to come out and order them all at once you'll save a lot on shipping which is what i do. I try to order atleast 5 things for every order. Sorry if i've gone on a long rant hahahha long story short, in 2 weeks i should have them up :)
nirvager @Andrewsimonthomas i havent ordered this one or cell's headpieces yet but, i'm really looking forward to doing so, and painting them. I'll be sure to post pictures as soon as i paint them. A bunch of my headpieces will have pics soon, maybe in 2 weeks, my order hasnt shipped yet but some of the pieces are in production, looking forward to seeing no-face bonnie print! Also, feel free to tell me any character requests you have :)
nirvager @Knightriderx882 Thanks! And Broly has been on my list for awhile, already started some of his hair! I'm working on foxy and chica from FNAF right now but they're a pain, foxy's jaw just does not look right to me everytine i try to fix it lol so I will do broly's hair as a nice vacation from foxy :D
nirvager @Knightriderx882 You've made an inspiring question! I do want to start printing in full color sandstone and expand my skill set so eventually it might wind up "pre-painted". Now if we're talking about allowing it to be printed in the color options so the whole thing could be any color (instead of specific parts being different colors) then the answer is yes! I will most definitely offer this in every color option, yellow, orange, purple, the full spectrum shapeways offers, i just need to model a couple of other characters and then order a batch of test prints, i'm still waiting on my previous order to arrive. i am planning on making frieza perfect form too even though 1st form is still my favorite. Do you have any requests for characters that i can include in my next test print batch?
Custom Goku SSj1 Inspired Hair for Lego
nirvager @mmzxwolfblade I'm thinking about it, the large hairs get me nervous since my ssj3 for goku and vegeta did not turn out as great as I would have liked but, I'm learning more about how to size appropriately. I will try my best! :D
nirvager @mmzxwolfblade One of these Gohan SSj's should suit your fancy, also! If you want to wait a week or two before ordering, please do, I soon will have my test prints completed and will be able to sell them for a lot less.
Custom Gogeta SSj4 Inspired hair for Lego
nirvager @mmzxwolfblade best way to get that would be to print it in white and paint with acrylic paint. If you were to print this in sandstone it would lose some detail for the cost of being pre-colored :P or you could just make your own lol heres one of my old tutorials
nirvager @mmzxwolfblade how so? like rainbow hair? You could print it in white and color it to your liking.
nirvager @ultrasupersaiyaninfinity just as a normal lego works these pieces go on the same way. It took a lot of tooling and re-printing but, the dimensions finally fit.
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April 7, 2015
Custom Goku Inspired Hair for Lego
nirvager @ultrasupersaiyaninfinity they are now exactly as you see in the images :)


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