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mz4250 commented on White Dragon (Updated) by mz4250
3 days ago
White Dragon (Updated)
mz4250 @derpypenguin44 Blender is a free 3D modeling program you can use to separate the pieces. But also checked out Youmagine.com. some one there uploaded my files split up names Harry Baere
mz4250 @fbbc0795 Sweet! Good luck!
mz4250 @fbbc0795 25 cm right? so 9 inches in length. Looks like you got the file as is. That's the same size as mine. Yup you're def in the gargantuan range. If you print out one of the place markers I have listed here you can def fall into that category of size.
mz4250 @fbbc0795 Huge is 3x3 squares. If the dragon ended up being smaller than that, then yeah they clearly ripped you off. As you can see by the photo my file fits easily in a 5x5 size which is gargantuan (which is anything over 4x4). I would reach out to them and see what happened.
mz4250 @fbbc0795 Its def gargantuan. If you want to make it huge just size it down 25% and you should be good :-)
mz4250 commented on Red Dragon (Updated) by mz4250
3 days ago
Red Dragon (Updated)
mz4250 @fbbe1e8 Yeah I split the head because it was difficult to print the head as is with all the over hang. So when you take the model apart and lay the seperate pieces flat it prints easier with less supports needed. Not sure why they don't fit together on your end. They were literally split in two from the 3D model. Sorry
mz4250 commented on Demogorgon by mz4250
4 days ago
mz4250 @fb79188 Inverted? Strange. Please use Cura 15.04.6 when you print my files after you seperate the pieces in your own 3D modeling program. That program is all I use to print and have never had any issues obviously.
mz4250 commented on Yestabrod by mz4250
5 days ago
mz4250 @fisher_guitars No prob. Make sure you learn a little about Blender since some of my models, like this one, need to be taken apart and seperated into their own stl files before printing. Then learn Cura, which is a free program you can use to actually print the stuff.
mz4250 @fisher_guitars Hello. You can go crazy with an expensive one, but honestly the $200 to $500 range is fine. Check out Monoprice if you want to save some cash or Printrbot for sure. I use a Printrbot Simple Metal with a heated bed and its been great :-)
mz4250 commented on Silver Dragon by mz4250
11 days ago
Silver Dragon
mz4250 @Gwain96 Ohhhh gotcha! My bad. Ok I'm happy its working out. Take care and good luck!
mz4250 @Gwain96 Ahhh... yeah you really need to take those tutorials, because this comes down to basic 3D modeling principles. 3D objects are divided into three major pieces, which are vertices (singular points), lines ( a line between two vertices), and faces (three or more vertices) all floating in the 3D space. Trust me, take the tutorials on Blender's website and you'll do great!
mz4250 @Gwain96 Hello. First, in Blender import the stl file you get here. Select the item. Then go to Edit mode. Then go to faces. Press "z" to go into xray mode. Select all the faces of the part you want to print. Then press "p" to separate your selection, making it its own object. Then in object mode, select your new object, and export it as its own stl file. Make sure you have the option "Selection Only" checked off. Boom! You got the stl file you need to print. If you haven't already, take some tutorials on the basics of how Blender works. Once you get this basic stuff down of how to select the different modes, how to select objects, and how to move the camera you'll be fine. Good luck!
mz4250 commented on Half Orc Great Weapon Fighter by mz4250
12 days ago
Half Orc Great Weapon Fighter
mz4250 @mr_bigdanny Ehh... no sorry. I mean, I guess there is a way to do it but that would require a lot of engineering on my end given I'd be basically making an action figure. I don't really have the resources to make something that precise. Sorry :-(
mz4250 commented on Couatl by mz4250
13 days ago
mz4250 @Gwain96 Hi there. There is no way to print this as is. This is supposed to be taken apart in your own 3D modeling program into its own respective pieces and then you print each piece when you export the new stl's you create from it. Blender is the best route to pull this off. Sorry, I wish I could upload individual files here but this is what I'm stuck with.
Made a skeleton real quick for a friend. Download or buy a print if you wish :-) - http://shpws.me/Oxnq Skeleton with a Spear
mz4250 commented on Pit Fiend by mz4250
14 days ago
Pit Fiend
mz4250 @meat_bag@meat_bag That still came out quite lovely. Nice work!
mz4250 commented on Flameskull by mz4250
14 days ago
mz4250 @meat_bag Hello! Those came out great! Yes if you reduce the print speed to 30mm you'll see less stringing. It'll still be there though, so you'll just have to get your sanding tools and mini scissors at the ready.
mz4250 commented on Samurai by mz4250
17 days ago
mz4250 Samurai mini if anyone needs one :-)
mz4250 commented on Strahd Von Zarovich by mz4250
18 days ago
Strahd Von Zarovich
mz4250 @takacsbear You're welcome and good luck!
mz4250 @ImNotLuckie Hi. I have another option. Lay him on his back. The printer would have more time laying plastic all around if it's doing a larger area, allowing it to cool faster. Also do you have a funnel for the air pointed directly onto the print surface? That also helps.
mz4250 @ImNotLuckie yes I meant rez height my apologies. I recommend bringing it down further to 30 or even 25, but maybe it'll be better this time. Fingers crossed!
mz4250 @ImNotLuckie Slow your print speed to 30mm and bring up the rez rate as high as possible. Also make sure you have a fun blowing onto the print surface. If it still doesn't look good after this, then your stuck with a doing a really really good paint job. I wish you luck!
A Gnome Monk I made for a friend now available for download or purchase - http://shpws.me/Ovdm Gnome Monk
mz4250 commented on Tiamat - Queen of all dragons! by mz4250
27 days ago
Tiamat - Queen of all dragons!
mz4250 @Acriaos If Gorilla Glue doesn't work, the next thing is to get a small wood burner and just melt the plastic together carefully. The are very cheap and run about $15 on amazon. Use that to melt the pieces together and that will do it.
mz4250 @Acriaos Awesome!
mz4250 commented on Male Ranger by mz4250
27 days ago
Male  Ranger
mz4250 @fb0a88e Hello. Yes these are supports that should be printed. They can be snipped off easily depending on your material. Its an older model I recycled from a while back so its a bit archaic, but it gets the job done.
Dwarf Male Fighter - Ghelryn Foehammer
mz4250 The Dwarven warrior Ghelryn Foehammer from Storm King's Thunder now for download ! Finally done with SKT! On to painting them!
Human Female Fighter - Urgala Meltimer
mz4250 Urgala Meltimer from Storm King's Thunder if anyone needs her :-)
mz4250 commented on Traveling Adventurer - Narth Tezrin by mz4250
29 days ago
Traveling Adventurer - Narth Tezrin
mz4250 A traveling adventurer if anyone needs him :-)
mz4250 commented on Pegasus by mz4250
29 days ago
mz4250 @yutendohd hi. The files are free still. The download product button won't show up on mobile phones and tablets. You have to do this on a real computer. Sorry for the confusion.
mz4250 commented on Human Female Fighter - Darathra Shendrel by mz4250
April 28, 2017
Human Female Fighter - Darathra Shendrel
mz4250 Human female fighter if anyone needs one
mz4250 commented on Halfling Bard - Oren Yogilvy by mz4250
April 28, 2017
Halfling Bard -  Oren Yogilvy
mz4250 Halfling bard if anyone needs one :-)
mz4250 commented on Purple Wormling by mz4250
April 23, 2017
Purple Wormling
mz4250 @fb30e67 Awesome! Post some pics on reddit some time :-D
mz4250 commented on Human Female Monk - Zi Liang by mz4250
April 23, 2017
Human Female Monk - Zi Liang
mz4250 Zi Liang the monk from Storm Kings Thunder, now ready for download :-)
mz4250 commented on Lizardfolk by mz4250
April 22, 2017
mz4250 @Acriaos Wonderful! You should post that on reddit :-)
mz4250 commented on Black Dragon (Updated) by mz4250
April 22, 2017
Black Dragon (Updated)
mz4250 @Acriaos LOL. I guess have more kenders to distract him next time :-P


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