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3D modeler, Designer, Artist, Maker, Artisan
I'm a big fan of DnD just sharing my work with the gaming community! Log in, download the models you need, and enjoy! N/A on Mobile pho...

mz4250 commented on Firbolg by mz4250
1 day ago
mz4250 @cjdwalsh Wonderful!
mz4250 commented on Dread Gazebo by mz4250
2 days ago
Dread Gazebo
mz4250 @maaltan Meh. It's was put there to help lift it off the build plate if you didn't use adhesion with a flat end SCREW driver. But its probably best to just use a raft and peel it off the old fashioned way.
mz4250 commented on Human Male Monk by mz4250
3 days ago
Human Male Monk
mz4250 @Claxton74 Please use Cura 15.04.6. It's the only program I've used and have not have issues like this. If the block shows up still I'll look into the file to see what's up. Weird
mz4250 commented on Penanggalan Vampire by mz4250
5 days ago
Penanggalan Vampire
mz4250 @OmegaOtter it looks amazing!
I made a human female barbarian for a friend in my group. Now its available for everyone else to purchase or download :-) - http://shpws.me/OFqJ Human Female Barbarian
mz4250 commented on Goliath Female by mz4250
6 days ago
Goliath Female
mz4250 @Sachan Yup. You'll have to learn Blender and do the swap yourself with some of my other models. I'll make a version of her with a greatsword later though. I'll message you the link in a week or so :-)
mz4250 commented on Halfling Barbarian by mz4250
7 days ago
Halfling Barbarian
mz4250 @phillyfanatic2 No prob! Good luck!
A Halfling barbarian I made for a fried, now for free download or purchase! - http://shpws.me/OLh3 Halfling Barbarian
mz4250 commented on Beholder - Gazer by mz4250
8 days ago
Beholder - Gazer
mz4250 Gazer if anyone needs one!
mz4250 commented on Banderhobb by mz4250
8 days ago
mz4250 Banderhobb if anyone needs one
mz4250 commented on Beholder - Gauth by mz4250
8 days ago
Beholder - Gauth
mz4250 Gauth Beholder ready for download!
mz4250 commented on Boggle by mz4250
8 days ago
mz4250 A boggle!
mz4250 commented on Bodak by mz4250
8 days ago
mz4250 Bodak is now complete :-)
Kobold model now for sale or free download :-) - http://shpws.me/OKKI Kobold
Halfling Male Rogue I made for a friend, now for download or purchase as well :-) - http://shpws.me/OKRi Halfling Male Rogue
A halfling female rogue I made for a friend, now for download or purchase! - http://shpws.me/OKR2 Halfling Female Rogue
A drow assassin I made for a friend, now for sale or free download - http://shpws.me/OKKP Drow Assassin
mz4250 commented on Male Elf Druid by mz4250
10 days ago
Male Elf Druid
mz4250 @mr_bigdanny Ok I updated it some. Give it another shot.
mz4250 commented on Earth Elemental by mz4250
11 days ago
Earth Elemental
mz4250 @jesper15 My artwork is based mostly off works by WOTC so I recommend reaching out to them on posting elsewhere so long as their is no profit incentive. I think it's safe otherwise but I would do more research first.
mz4250 @jesper15 I would recommend not doing this for anything that is WOTC IP, such as Mindflayers and Beholders. Other more general monsters like goblins and elementals are safe though. I recommend doing some research on this before posting these elsewhere.
mz4250 @jesper15 Nice work! I used Blender to model them :-)
mz4250 commented on Giant Ape by mz4250
14 days ago
Giant Ape
mz4250 @farinha_james Here you go! https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:746304 . I'm happy you like my work!
mz4250 commented on Demogorgon by mz4250
14 days ago
mz4250 @destructiongaming4 I used a Printrbot Simple Metal. So long as it has a heated bed, and at minimum a 6 x 6 x 6 inch printing area you're fine.
mz4250 commented on Tabaxi Female Rogue by mz4250
14 days ago
Tabaxi Female Rogue
mz4250 @cjdwalsh Those came out amazing!
mz4250 commented on Beholder - Death Kiss by mz4250
16 days ago
I made a male elf druid for a friend, which is now ready for download or purchase :-) - http://shpws.me/OJwO Male Elf Druid
mz4250 commented on Umber Hulk by mz4250
18 days ago
Umber Hulk
mz4250 @pauloegidio Awesome work!


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