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Miguel Zavala


3D modeler, Designer, Artist, Maker, Artisan
Big DnD fan sharing my work with the world! Log in, download the models, and enjoy!

mz4250 commented on Jaculi by mz4250
1 day ago
mz4250 Jaculi from Tomb of Annihilation is up!
mz4250 commented on Beer Barrel Golem by mz4250
2 days ago
Beer Barrel Golem
mz4250 @aiBoffin Fair enough :-)
mz4250 @hyperbioshadow No it was just an idea I came up with a few months ago. Why did the same thing show up in a AI game?
mz4250 commented on Plague Doctor by mz4250
3 days ago
Plague Doctor
mz4250 @Peanutpopgun99 Sure whatever :-)
mz4250 Plague Doctor ready for download or purchase!
mz4250 commented on Fire Giant by mz4250
4 days ago
Fire Giant
mz4250 @d1morto print him on his back with lots of supports. There is a split up version on Thingiverse if that helps.
mz4250 commented on Winter Wolf by mz4250
8 days ago
Winter Wolf
mz4250 @shorty2240 run it through Windows 3D builder and it will remove the errors these older files have. Try again or just use Cura. That's what I used
mz4250 commented on Sleeping Dragon by mz4250
8 days ago
Sleeping Dragon
mz4250 Sleeping dragon ready for download or purchase :-)
mz4250 commented on Party Ogre! by mz4250
8 days ago
Party Ogre!
mz4250 Whose ready to party? THIS GUY!!!
mz4250 commented on Asmodeus by mz4250
8 days ago
mz4250 Asmodeus is up and ready!
mz4250 commented on The Rat King by mz4250
10 days ago
The Rat King
mz4250 Behold, the Rat King!
mz4250 commented on Waterfolk Warlock of the Heavens by mz4250
11 days ago
Waterfolk Warlock of the Heavens
mz4250 New Warlock option!
mz4250 commented on Nothic by mz4250
12 days ago
mz4250 @infernoedge Just turned it into a one piece. It actually should print fine if you rotated it 90 degrees with supports.
mz4250 commented on Storm Giant by mz4250
14 days ago
Storm Giant
mz4250 @lorathornedasseril You're welcome!
mz4250 @lorathornedasseril increase the overhang angle to 60 degrees and you'll see less supports. Increase further as needed. That should help.
mz4250 commented on Aarakocra Gunslinger by mz4250
16 days ago
Aarakocra Gunslinger
mz4250 @42clockwork That's awesome!
mz4250 @42clockwork I do what I do :-)
mz4250 Aarakocra Gunslinger!
mz4250 commented on Mindflayer by mz4250
17 days ago
mz4250 @vamyardarkfoot I mean I did obviously but supports wouldn't hurt. And some prints have worked fine but I just have them on anyway just in case
mz4250 commented on Rezmir by mz4250
19 days ago
mz4250 @mdavi27 I used Windows 3D Builder. It fixes errors in models so they're easy to print.
mz4250 @mdavi27 Hello. I thickened the fingers and ran the file through Windows 3D Builder to take care of any errors. It looks safe. I wish you luck!
mz4250 @mdavi27 Nice. Good luck!
mz4250 @mdavi27 I won't have time to thicken it for a few days. I'll put this on my to do list. But if you want to do this now for yourself the file is there for your own manipulation.
mz4250 @mdavi27 Yup that's the problem. The fingers are too thin. If you import the file in Blender and just grab the faces, making it thicker all around, you should be fine.
mz4250 @mdavi27 Hello. Sorry this file is giving you problems. Run it through Windows 3D builder. It'll fix whatever errors you see.
Psigan, a friendly psionic being, ready for download or purchase - Psigan
mz4250 commented on Dragonbait by mz4250
20 days ago
mz4250 Dragonbait ready for download :-)
mz4250 commented on Remorhaz by mz4250
20 days ago
mz4250 @Bloodless Wow that came out amazing! Nice work!
mz4250 commented on Gold Dragonborn Druid by mz4250
20 days ago
Gold Dragonborn Druid
mz4250 Dragonborn druid!
mz4250 commented on Aarakocra Bard by mz4250
20 days ago
Aarakocra Bard
mz4250 @brad_mccreary Hello. Here you go:
mz4250 @brad_mccreary not for a while. Busy with Patreon requests. I'll add it to my to do list
mz4250 commented on Spy by mz4250
22 days ago
mz4250 @majorkuso_jc No worries :-)
mz4250 @majorkuso_jc Hello. The download feature only works on computers when you're logged into this site. It doesn't work on phones and some tablets. Sorry friend.
mz4250 commented on Chwinga by mz4250
25 days ago
mz4250 @thegka2000 Glad you like them! Yeah the Chwingas are adorbs :-)
mz4250 commented on Kitsune Mage by mz4250
27 days ago
Kitsune Mage
mz4250 Kitsune mage!
mz4250 commented on Fire Elemental by mz4250
September 18, 2018
Fire Elemental
mz4250 @Peanutpopgun99 Thanks! I used standard acrylic. The files are all located here btw in one spot:
mz4250 commented on Gnome Warlock on Lizard Mount by mz4250
September 17, 2018
Gnome Warlock on Lizard Mount
mz4250 @jehunter80 Nope. That's all you my dude. Good luck!


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